Just had the option to upgrade to signature on my dashboard!!!

Just had the option to upgrade to signature on my dashboard!!!

and it says delivery's begin in 2014. Unfortunately I am not going to upgrade but this seems to mean Tesla is on track with the model x.

timf2001 | 18. Oktober 2014

Interesting, I am seeing it as well. I wonder if it's just a glitch or if that many signature reservations dropped out due to the Model S D. In any case, I wouldn't read that much into the deliveries start in 2014 message. It's likely the page hasn't been updated since the last time they closed signature reservations. We are way beyond the point where we would have seen an unveiling if deliveries were that close.

pvetesla | 18. Oktober 2014

Wow. I thought I was an addict looking at the forum pages. I haven't looked at my dashboard is ages. Haha
But it's there too. Thanks.

TonyInNH | 18. Oktober 2014

Has to be because of people dropping out and getting the D. I would hope they would have at least updated the date for the signatures if they were going to tempt people like this, though I suppose if one was so inclined as to upgrade they could always give Tesla a call to see if the 2014 date still stands.

EternalChampion | 18. Oktober 2014

I also have the option. 35K is pretty steep for a downpayment for a few extra color choices and to be a beta tester.

I'm totally doing it. :)

TonyInNH | 18. Oktober 2014

I imagine the signature commands a higher price as well, 35K up front is kind of a lot to ask for without knowing what the final price will be.

Brian Vicars | 18. Oktober 2014

I'm going for it. I had already decided to buy the car loaded. I like the signature red better than Tesla red.

NumberOne | 18. Oktober 2014

I am not sure it is a glitch, but it cannot be too many that are now available, and I reservation number is low enough for me to be willing to wait.

NumberOne | 18. Oktober 2014

I must be tired, looking at my post now... my, not I.

Jeffolee | 18. Oktober 2014

Very tempting, but I don't think I'm going to do it. I agree with TonyInNH - there must have been enough people dropping out for the M85D that Tesla is now offering us a chance to jump ahead in line.

mdemetri | 18. Oktober 2014

Hmmm..tempting but I decided not to because I think it means we have all jumped further up the line. If Signature X's have canceled for the D then it is likely that a similar percentage of regular production has done the same. Thus I think we will all get our cars sooner, although if you want it ASAP then upgrading to a Sig would be the fastest way.

Alex K | 18. Oktober 2014

Posted this in the Model X Tally Thread (

Switched my Regular Model X reservation #1565 to Signature #1372 today. I guess there are people who had dropped out of Signature reservations due to switching to Model S-D. I mostly switched because I wanted to have additional color and option choices (at least according to Tesla's website). My previous reservation number #1565 was low on the list and would have gotten me a pretty early delivery, so delivery time was not a factor in switching. Also, paying the additional $35K now, will make the final purchase less painful.

aljjr2 | 18. Oktober 2014

I thought this was something I failed to notice before. Thanks for pointing out it is NEW.. We can all hope for Good News that the delivery is still 12/14!!

Could this be another subtle "tweet".......?

aljjr2 | 18. Oktober 2014

I tried "clicking" on UPGRADE... then Continue.... It is real. The site was ready to accept my $35,000 for the upgrade with the delivery in 2014.


mdemetri | 18. Oktober 2014

@Alex K - if it is like the Model S Signatures (highly likely), there will be one additional exterior color and one additional interior leather color. I loved the Sig red of the model S, but I am not so sure how it would look on the X.

mdemetri | 18. Oktober 2014

Also, if I remember correctly, the Signature Model S was ~10K more than the production Model S with the only difference being earlier delivery and two different color choices. This became known as the Signature tax.

aljjr2 | 18. Oktober 2014

@AlexK... did you receive a confirmation and estimated date?

Jeffolee | 18. Oktober 2014

The Model X on the dashboard looks like it doesn't have side view mirrors. Was it always like that, or has the pic been updated as well?

Jeffolee | 18. Oktober 2014

I just checked the main page. All images of the Model X have been updated, and the car has side view cameras instead of mirrors!

Red Sage ca us | 19. Oktober 2014

I'm pretty sure the biggest delay with the Tesla Model X has been to get an exemption on the rear view mirrors being replaced with cameras.

I believe that if so many with the option of requesting a Signature Series Model X are seeing 2014 on the dashboard, it is very possibly either a glitch... or Tesla Motors really intends to get them to you by Christmas.

Roamer@AZ USA | 19. Oktober 2014

Don't get your hopes up. My two 2013 delivery model S cars show sig upgrade available. It also shows sig upgrade available on my just ordered P85D.

Software problem for sure.

Red Sage ca us | 19. Oktober 2014

Thanks, Roamer.

Saddening, but not entirely expected.

Good to know, either way.

Brian H | 19. Oktober 2014

I see no provision on the dash for sideview camera display. A screen on the door? :p

NumberOne | 19. Oktober 2014

All of the pictures of the Model X are as they were before. No new images have been posted on the site, and the text on the main page also remains unchanged.

mdemetri | 19. Oktober 2014

I only have the upgrade option on my Model X, not my 2013 Model S.

If a software problem, does that mean people who just sent Tesla an extra 35k will not get a Sig?

NumberOne | 19. Oktober 2014

One more thing that indicates this is some kind of software glitch is the fact that the regular reservation page does not also include the signature option.

Moving to a signature reservation from a low production reservation like Alex K, at this point makes sense if it can be done because Tesla will not have the large deposit for very long before you get your car, provided you want to get it a month or so earlier and have color options not otherwise available.

timf2001 | 19. Oktober 2014

Jeffolee, sorry to disappoint but nothing has been updated. The pictures on the website have always shown cameras instead of mirrors. In fact, the Model X pages have received minimal updates since it was originally unveiled in 2012.

kf93 | 19. Oktober 2014

something seems odd, because I just made my reservation last month, and my reservation number is in the 13000 range, and it's offering me the same thing to upgrade to signature.

Alex K | 19. Oktober 2014

@aljjr2 | OCTOBER 18, 2014: @AlexK... did you receive a confirmation and estimated date?

After they took my $35K, the webpage said, "Deliveries will begin in 2014 and priced comparable to a similarly equipped Model S."

The email I received shortly thereafter said: "Deliveries will begin in fall 2015 and will be priced comparable to a similarly equipped Model S. More details will be announced as production nears."

I'm not holding out any hope for 2014 delivery.

MX Pete@QC.Canada | 19. Oktober 2014

I'm from Montreal, Canada reserved my MX Mid Sept 2014. Got the e-mail this Saturday to change my reservation to Signature. Clicked "Continue" Doh! didn't think this would confirmed the upgrade :-/
If the button would have said "Confirm" I would have not clicked.

Got an e-mail to confirmed this by sending then $35K...don't think so.

Sent an e-mail to to get this reversed and keep my sequence #.

Will follow up tomorrow

vperl | 19. Oktober 2014

Upgraded two hours ago, # 1379 . I want Bumblebee colors. Flashing lighted sign on roof " Buzz me " .

brad | 19. Oktober 2014

I see the option for Signature as well. I checked the X pages and noticed at the very bottom that the delivery for new reservationslooks to be late 2015:

"The Model X design prototype was unveiled on February 9th, 2012. It represented our current vision for this groundbreaking vehicle. Model X will be offered with a 60 kWh or an 85 kWh battery and will be dual motor all-wheel drive. The delivery estimate for new reservations is fall 2015. More details will be announced as production nears."

I wonder if upgrading to Signature will allow for 2014 delivery in 2014? I hope so as I would like to see this car and drive it before I plunk down the funds for a 2nd Tesla. I am not really in any rush as we have a perfectly good AWD car now that won't depreciate much more over the next year while I expect a few kinks will get worked out on the new X.

My S85D should deliver in Feb 2015 and I am really looking forward to driving it.

NumberOne | 20. Oktober 2014

I really would not read too much into the reservation confirmation message that indicates a Fall 2015 delivery date. It may be a 'canned' response, for all new reservations. Most notable about that is the fact that the main Model X reservation page also still indicates deliveries for new reservations to begin in the Fall of 2015. We have no choice but to wait, if a Model X is what we want.

vperl | 20. Oktober 2014

Leonard, "you are correct, sir"

scotttilson | 20. Oktober 2014

I just spoke to my ownership advisor about upgrading to Signature. Her best guess was the X being unveiled around Christmas and Signature deliveries starting in the first quarter of 2015. She believed the Signature would be premium priced to reflect the premium options.If you do not want to go forward with the Signature after seeing the deal, but want a regular production unit, she did not know if you go to the front of the production line, the back. or get your old place back.

Hope this helps.

NumberOne | 20. Oktober 2014

The upgrade option is now gone!

vandacca | 20. Oktober 2014

@LeonardD I can verify that it's gone for me too. That was quick!

vandacca | 20. Oktober 2014

@LeonardD I can verify that it's gone for me too. That was quick!

Red Sage ca us | 20. Oktober 2014

The Model X has at times been shown with exterior mirrors...

...though mostly it has been shown with rear view cameras instead.

vandacca | 20. Oktober 2014

Okay, I have to ask. Red Sage did your account get hacked last week? What was up with all the "~*bimp*~"??

Red Sage ca us | 20. Oktober 2014

I wanted to make sure that interesting conversations didn't get lost in the bowels of the forum.

vperl | 20. Oktober 2014

Heard rumor, the X will have a HUD.

GREAT news.

aljjr2 | 20. Oktober 2014

Button is GONE... bye bye, Poof.

mdemetri | 20. Oktober 2014

Well that went quickly. I think this means that the number of people canceling Model X to get the D was not that large; which is a bummer because that means the wait for those of us that remained in the regular production will not improve very much.

Brian H | 20. Oktober 2014

# of people in the X-Sig line cancelling, you mean. Says nothing about Production X cancellations.

mdemetri | 20. Oktober 2014

I am assuming that a similar percentage cancelled in both groups, but I could be wrong.

Brian H | 21. Oktober 2014

The total numbers in the Production line are necessarily much larger. | 21. Oktober 2014

There's a good chance at least some people are in the same boat I am. My family isn't large, so I would likely be perfectly fine with an SD with air suspension. However, I'm going to hold onto my X reservation until I can make an informed decision based on being able to configure and ideally test drive an X. It's not impossible that I'll switch over, but given that SD models won't ship until early 2015 anyway there's little incentive to just ship at the moment. | 21. Oktober 2014

*jump ship...since enumerating every typo is necessary here.

vperl | 21. Oktober 2014

Besides the X as rumors indicate, the HUD and 120 kW upgrade will be at a cost.

Brian H | 21. Oktober 2014

I think you will wait long for the 120 kWh upgrade. But you can charge at 120 kW right now at many SCs. >:p