Lasers for your Tesla???

Lasers for your Tesla???

After viewing this, I started wondering if a Tesla car (which has a built in source of power) might be able to offer some user benefits from emerging laser technology.

Aside from Bedazzling a rude driver who refuses to lower his headlights none came to mind. Any one else care to brainstorm?

In a related idea, Tesla might be able to offer a panic button which would act as a anti-carjacking measure by electrification of all out side metal parts.

Enough time spend on the dark side, back to work.

JHM | 19. September 2013

Someone needs to hack a "low rider" app to show off what air suspension and a programmable car can do.

negarholger | 19. September 2013

The only application I could see for a laser in the MS is to evaporate the car in front of me... unfortunately the battery is way too small for that application.

risingsun | 20. September 2013


You could just blind the person you don't like. Take road rage to a whole new level, with Tesla Model S. Tesla Model S, because you're a jerk.

negarholger | 20. September 2013

risingsun, that was a joke... maybe not very tasteful.

risingsun | 23. September 2013

Kliest, I know :) I was
joking about your joke.

frmercado | 24. September 2013

BMW has developed laser headlights and are being incorporated into production models as we speak...

frmercado | 24. September 2013


Timo | 24. September 2013

Quite cool for energy consumption too based on one article on the net: 170 lumens/W compared to LED which is around 100 lumens/W. I would have expected other way around because lasers are not very energy efficient (no laser guns for soldiers).

risingsun | 24. September 2013

Do lasers look cooler?

risingsun | 24. September 2013

Also I think the efficiency of LED light bulbs is supposed to increase 50% or something around there in a year or two.

Brian H | 24. September 2013

No, hotter.

risingsun | 24. September 2013

Do they look more stylish?

loefvinc | 25. September 2013

Use the laser to carve your initials into the car you just blew away:-)

Haeze | 27. September 2013

Laser headlights, like the ones Mercedes and BMW are going to use, will not necessarily be brighter, they will simply be more focused, providing greater contrast in the objects they illuminate.

Eventually with the right hardware, they will also be able to track objects in front of the car and either highlight them (in the case of animals or pedestrians) and/or detect oncoming windshields, and dim the light projected at that windshield, while maintaining full illumination around it... making everyone safer.

Brian H | 27. September 2013

The tech does not emit laser beams directly, but uses them to make a block fluoresce bright white light.

PXChanel | 30. September 2013

Give us lightsabers, too. Please.