Loaner Car Policy

Loaner Car Policy

It would be pretty sweet if Tesla's loaner car program extended to the period of time you're waiting to have your car built and delivered :)

GeekEV | 02. Juni 2013

LOL. Let's just instantly make you regret the things you didn't spring for by giving you a top-of-the-line loaner while you wait. Seems like a bad idea to me unless they can loan you your exact configuration.

mitchell.shon | 02. Juni 2013

From a business standpoint I think it works really well. You already have one on the way, whats a little bit extra to you to get it early and more loaded. Its a dangerous way of thinking but it has its intended effect.
Plus it can get you nice and comfortable with the feel and function of the car so that after the 4-8 weeks passes, you already are accustomed to the experience, and can just swap out for your tailored model.
Really helps out those people as well that have no other means of transportation and are basically lying in wait for their delivery.

paradis | 03. Juni 2013

Where are they supposed to get all these loaners from???? They can't produce them fast enough now.

ghillair | 03. Juni 2013


If you need the car immediately, I believe there are some "orphaned" cars (build then not deliver because of finance issues, whatever). At one time some of these where available for immediate purchase if they have a configuration close to what you want that might be an option. If you need transportation, Enterprise rents cars by the week at reasonable rates while you wait.

To provide you a loaner, they have to give you a car that otherwise would be delivered and paid for by a buyer. To provide 3,000 (6 weeks production) to waiting buyers as loaners would mean not getting paid the $300,000,000 they will collect if they deliver them to buyers.

VERY BAD cash management!

mitchell.shon | 03. Juni 2013

It works along the same concept as their loaner program does now. You'd be very correct if it was extended to everyone waiting for delivery, but the point of the loaner car program is to give immediate aid to those people who find themselves vehicle-less due to service needs. Its a very small percentage I'd wager that do not have an alternate vehicle at time of purchase, so the program wouldn't need to expand to everyone, just those in need.

Brian H | 03. Juni 2013

Elon said they'd freed enough capacity to produced the loaners, and were distributing them. But recently someone was told they were hard to keep available, because they get bought up so fast!

Brian H | 03. Juni 2013

typo: to produce the loaners ...