As long as they're at it...

As long as they're at it...

I would like to see some additional paint choices, but, even more so, better quality seats. It seems to me that the quality of leather of the seats and interior in general has been sub-par when compared with other brands at Tesla's price point.

I'm pretty sure that there is room for improvement.

I would also like to see dynamic lines on the back-up camera.

I fully recognize that Tesla is not in business to meet my every whim.

It's just that in forums such as this one, what's the harm in a wish list?


vandacca | 19. Juni 2014

I agree with the lack of paint choices. It would be nice to have more and better choices. We'll see if that happens with the Model X.

However, at a town-hall meeting in Norway, Elon agreed that the seats were sub-par and that a number of improvements are on the way for the Model S (e.g. better lumbar support, better foam, etc.) I believe that those improvements will find their way into the Model X.

Some also complained to Elon about the lack of lines in the back-up camera and he indicated that he was aware of that limitation and improvements were also on the way.


aljjr2 | 19. Juni 2014

There apparently a number of potential colors being tested at Tesla in Fremont.

here is the link to the article. Nothing is final.

Red Sage ca us | 19. Juni 2014

Cool. A nice GOLD color would work great for my Mom.