Looking to buy Tesla

Looking to buy Tesla

Hi I was wondering if any of you know if Tesla will do a trade in for a Chevy Volt. I purchased the Volt in 2012. I is a 2013 model but I had no clue the Tesla was even coming out or I would of purchased one. So now I really want one and want to sale this Chevy Volt. It is a nice car but I think the Tesla is out of this world.

If anybody has any ideas that would be great.


ian | 31. Juli 2013

Tesla doesn't take trades directly the work with Autonation (I believe) to do trade ins. Many have found that selling to a private party gets you more money but with such a new car like the Volt you might get a decent price from Autonation.

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ian | 31. Juli 2013

*they work with Autonation.

Must remember to proofread, must remember to proofread.

Only the original poster can edit their post and title. Ugh.

Brian H | 31. Juli 2013

I think they killed the Auto Nation connection after many complaints.

ian | 31. Juli 2013

Hmmm, I hadn't heard that. Thanks. Did they replace it?

Brian H | 31. Juli 2013

Hadn't heard. I suggest phoning TM to get the latest.

stevenmaifert | 31. Juli 2013

Get a free appraisal from CarMax. Takes about an hour of your time. No pressure. I sold two cars to them last year and felt I got a fair price.

LionPowered | 01. August 2013

Over on the TMC forum there was
a CarMax offer for a MS

paulkva | 01. August 2013

I got a link to AutoNation just yesterday from the Rockville service center, so if Tesla has killed the relationship that would be news to them. :-)

I've sold 2 other cars in the past 8 years, one in 2005 and one earlier this year. In both cases they were much older than your Volt, but CarMax beat the dealers' trade-in offers by ~50%. My Model S is scheduled for delivery in early September (can't wait!), and I'm planning to get prices from both AutoNation and CarMax.

Presumably, selling privately would net you even more money, but for the 2004 Mazda wagon I'm planning to sell, it's not worth the extra time and effort to me.

Brian H | 01. August 2013

Very few negative comments about CarMax, by contrast. Perhaps they resell directly on the retail market instead of dumping in quantity to wholesale? That would give better margins, for doing more detail work.

GeekEV | 01. August 2013

Yes, CarMax refurbs and sells directly. I too have sold them a number of cars in the past and would do so again. It's a painless process and their offer might surprise you on older cars. I've been so pleased with them, in fact, that I would gladly buy from them if mine sold new cars (some do) and had the one I wanted.

paulkva | 01. August 2013

Funny enough, the last car I sold to CarMax was 13 years old (2000 Honda Accord), and before they gave me the price they started with a big disclaimer about how they're just going to sell it wholesale so their offer might not be as good as I'd want. They *still* beat the dealer's offer by 50%.

Cattledog | 02. August 2013

We sold our Lexus through CarMax when buying our Model S. Easy, fair professional.

wj.grossman | 02. August 2013

Is there a Model S owner in the Charleston, SC area who would be willing to show me their car? Thanks.

thatbob | 24. September 2013

I just sold a 2003 Infiniti G35 to Carmax Los Angeles - beat KBB price listing. I am happy with it and no hassle.
paulkva - they gave me the same disclaimer because of the age of the car but I got a great price and didn't have to worry about private party nonsense.