Maximum charge only 265

Maximum charge only 265

I decided to try and charge up to full capacity on my performance. It reached 265 and said it is fully charged. Am I missing something? Has anyone else had this problem?

rlpm | 05. Februar 2013

From the owner's guide:

[Try touching] CONTROLS > SETTINGS > UNITS & FORMAT to change from "Rated" to "Ideal" range.
Ideal is based on driving a steady 55 mph on a flat road whereas Rated is based on metrics determined as a result of EPA testing.

Jewsh | 05. Februar 2013

265 is the EPA rated mileage. :)

nickjhowe | 05. Februar 2013

Quick poll - do you have yours set to rated or ideal? Mine has been set to projected since I got it but I just switched to ideal. Am going to try that for a while.

Brant | 05. Februar 2013

Set for Rated
Ideal is a fantasy

clr4option | 05. Februar 2013

Set to rated. Unless you are that person on the freeway that drives slower than the speed limit all the time you will never hit "ideal" milage.

Benz | 05. Februar 2013

The 300 miles can be achieved when the Tesla Model S constantly drives at a speed of 88 km/hr on a flat road. Is that correct?

DouglasR | 05. Februar 2013

Choosing "ideal" range is sort of like choosing an amplifier because it goes to 11.

Vawlkus | 06. Februar 2013

No Benz, it is not. Speed needs to be lower for max range, I believe the spec is 55 mph

Vawlkus | 06. Februar 2013

...... and now that I've hit send, I realize you posted km/h, not mph ARGH!

Pungoteague_Dave | 06. Februar 2013

Based on my experience, 265 is also nearly impossible to achieve, even going constant 55 mph or below on level ground. Did 240 today, very gentle, went 240 and had only 4 miles left on arrival. 300 is pure marketing fantasy, acheived by no one, ever.

gimp_dad | 06. Februar 2013


Are you sure you didn't have it charged to Standard Charge rather than Maximum Range Charge? Achieving rated consumption rate of 320 WH/mi is very easy if we are talking 55MPH on flat ground. For me it is more like 305 WH/mi in those conditions. Not saying I normally drive that way but I don't find it difficult to do if I want to.

And I have to say that I find it amusing to hear all the commentary about how ridiculous it is to set the indicator to ideal. To me it simply doesn't matter as I am most interested in how much juice I have left and any value I choose whether it is ideal, rated or arbitrary accomplishes this objective as long as I know the number. I don't sit there laughing at how stupid my car is for telling me that a 50% charge is 150 miles instead of 132.5 or 112 or even 200. It is just half full. It doesn't know I am going to cruise at 80MPH up the Grapevine for the next hour or coast down the Grapevine. It's just a car.

DouglasR | 06. Februar 2013

@Pungoteague_Dave, what was the outside temperature?

EVTripPlanner | 06. Februar 2013

Actually, while not the way anyone would drive in the real-world (unless trying to break a record), the Model S has achieved way over 300 miles on one charge - see

My real-world experience has been 350-360 Wh/mi (70ish on freeway, enjoying the on ramps and passing once in a while). If the "standard charge" is 90% of max, that would be 76.5 kWh on the 85 kWh battery or around 215 "real world miles". But, I'm afraid, the Wh/mi might not include usage while the car is not moving, so even it leads to an overestimation of actual range.

That said, my Vegas trip (with a quick stop at the Barstow supercharger) was not problem...and the Luxor/Mandalay Bay hotel complex has chargers at the valet for free overnight fill-ups.

I have some spreadsheets and reference charts posted at that you might find useful.

EVTripPlanner | 06. Februar 2013

Forgot to say: what I do to estimate my real remaining range (without heroics) is to just take 20% off of the rated range display. If I was cutting things close I'd set the cruise control to 60 and watch the energy app estimate using the average of the previous 15 or 30 miles. Unfortunately, there is no option to use this range estimate on the speedo.

jat | 07. Februar 2013

@cliff - standard = 92% SoC, at least on my 85kWh.

jjaeger | 07. Februar 2013

PD: 300 is pure marketing fantasy, acheived by no one, ever.

Except for the folks who went 422+ miles - albeit at 25 mph. Where in between that and nominal driving you hit 300 only time will tell. Be careful with 'ever' statements...

Pungoteague_Dave | 07. Februar 2013

Jaeger, sorry, should have said never using normal driving techniques on normal roads. 300 IS pure marketing fantasy. No one will achieve anywhere near this in NORMAL use. Happy?

jjaeger | 07. Februar 2013

PD: nope - I see the way my wife drives her Camry hybrid vs. the how I drive my S (or her car on a very few occasions). When she has the visual feedback on her mileage, she cranks it up and does obscene mileage. Me, I'll never get more than 220 from a Range charge. My wife - she could get 300 in a heart beat..