Meet Tesla 7 Seat sedan

Meet Tesla 7 Seat sedan

Note writer's concern when when told that some center console functions (assume non-driving functions) may not be blocked while driving.

Mycroft | 12. November 2011

Why is the writer not concerned that GPS devices, radios, iPods, cell phones, etc etc aren't locked out when driving any other frickin' car?!?

The Froq | 12. November 2011

Hello Zelaza is back. And still positive as always! Let's call him " Grumpy".

This girl does not like EV's and still put's a lot of energy is this forum........

Chaiyawut Keereeto | 12. November 2011

@Zelaza That doesn't make difference. Non-Tesla car with Garmin or iPad IS NOT blocking non-driving functions neither. Right, Mycroft?

discoducky | 12. November 2011

The concern that driver distraction from technology is going up is valid I doubt anyone would dispute.

However, Tesla is at an advantage, I would assume, in that they should be able to push updates to the car quicker than other car company since they have End to End control over the design, hardware, software, manufacturing and distribution. Unlike Ford who is distributing updates to Sync through USB keys mailed to owners and dealers. So Tesla could react very quickly and implement updates as changes in laws occur or if they deem it a hazard to be writing forum posts like this one whilst behind the wheel of a 4000lb car going 60MPH.

...which I am doing right now, on my iPad, and it's awesome! JK'ing