Model S And My Dog?

Model S And My Dog?

As I anxiously await my P85 Model S, I've decided to start reading and posting on the forums more frequently and I have a question that I have yet to find the answer to. I was wondering whether or not it would be practical to have my dog ride in the very back (where the rear-facing child seats would otherwise go). She's a chocolate lab that weighs about 65-70lbs. While there appears to be plenty of room for her to lay down, I doubt shed be comfortable sitting up if she can only do so while pressed against the back seats (because the glass/rear slants down).

ian | 30. April 2013

Lot's of other owners talking about taking their pooches for rides here...

Some great ideas for all sizes. ;-)

There may be more threads too. Use to search them out.


GLO | 30. April 2013

Mine will never grace my car but in a controlled manner and in back. I am not messing up my doors with scratches. I love my dogs but it only goes so far. SO, we take them with us in our ICE car (LOL!)...

susanv | 30. April 2013

While my golden retriever has yet to actually take a ride in our Model S, we did test that he was able to sit up comfortably in it when we got it. He didn't look too happy when the hatch came down, but he had plenty or room to sit without being crushed against the back seat. Laying down would be no problem.

tm | 01. Mai 2013

@susanv - Awesome! Thanks for the comment, I hope it'll work out with my dog too in case I ever need to take her anywhere.

sr | 09. Juni 2014

Have a 75 lb lab mix and he fits GREAT in the hatch area. We have a protective cover in the back.. but otherwise after initially standing up (which he can comfortable do) and surveying the surroundings he curls up and settles down! He also is notorious for trying to jump over the back seat head rests in other cars, but the clearance in the model S doesn't let him. So its perfect!

crmohler | 09. Juni 2014

I have two mutts, a 97# 5 year old and a new, 45# 4 month old puppy. Had to take both of them to the vet. They fit both in the back seat (with 2 of my kids), and in the rear area (with a kid in the rear facing seats).

Unfortunately, the puppy threw up on the way home. Thankfully, I had a blanket laid out which caught most of it, and the rest I was able to hose off of the all weather mats.

rufusperry | 09. Juni 2014

We have a custom made cover for our S. It covers the back area all the way to the folded down seats. We attached 30 inch tethers to the attachments for child seats on the back of the bench seats. Our 3 standard poodles (85 pounds, 75 pounds, and 55 pounds) ride safely and comfortably. I can't attach a picture here, but if you contact me at I will be happy to share contact info and lots of pictures!

ZERO EMS | 09. Juni 2014

Having a Portuguese Water dog, a big (size not weight) one for his breed. He fits in comfortably, sitting upright with a few inch (maybe 3-4) of headroom. He jumps in and out easily and the room to lay down is more than sufficient. The only two modifications I made is 1) I bought the rear liftgate sunshade (Tesla store). Despite tinted windows, the window angle is to low and created discomfort for the dog (black coat) during our first ride. I am putting up the sunshade before he rides in the car (takes 30 sec at most) and he is feeling perfect. 2) I used clear-bra for the rear bumper, it avoids scratches when he is jumping out/in. Doggy loves the ride!

hcwhy | 09. Juni 2014

My sixty five pound Dutch Shepherd goes with me just about everywhere. I keep the back seats down and have a backmat by Roseanne helps a lot and I recommend it. I also have the car washed/detailed every week which I find is necessary to keep up with the slobber and hair. Otherwise, the only problem I have is that the regen breaking can be a bit sudden and sometimes sends the dog into the area between the folded rear seats and the front seats.

I recommend putting small towels between the folded seats to prevent the headrests from leaving indentations in the leather.

Driving the Tesla's a blast....having "Dude" with me makes it even better.

lunknugget | 09. Juni 2014

Our Italian water dog is indifferent to the car other than it takes him to the cottage which is always good news. He doesn't shed, a first for me. Every other car I've owned was ruined by wet and shedding dogs. I have high hopes this time around. This dog, however, is not keen on the sudden acceleration and protests by standing up and falling and panting, very stressed. I'm careful not to indulge the addictive acceleration properties with him riding along

The MS must be seen as normal and utilitarian in my mind in spite of its super cool factor etc

sklancha | 09. Juni 2014

I had a grand plan to let my pups in the car once I had a solid protection plan in place...

within 24 hours or owning 'Fabio,' the presence of my Chihuahua AND Great Dane (165#, high energy athlete pup] were requested at an event. THE backmat which covered all of the carpet in the back area already arrived but the hammock intended to protect the backseat area was still enroute. Apollo, my travel-loving dane willingly worked out the compromising position- but it was clearly a compromising position. Even with the seats down, he was unable to sit or stand up- and the lure of the hatchback view had his head way to close to the exceptionally hot areas near the window. Since then our hammock has come in (which protects the leather, limits his floating around space, and gives him more standing space) came in. We now just give him the back seat whenever possible.

The combination of heat from being too close to that back window and lack of head space- makes that back area much less functional for puppy travel then we hoped

Mark K | 11. Juni 2014

It's very simple folks - the dogs must go.

(Kidding! :)

I think I would get a large, impermeable fuzzy blanket to stem the losses.

Hair, hair and more hair, claw marks, slobber, and dogbarf - all sound rather dissonant with the serene zen of the pristine Model S interior.

Of course, when we see those puppy dog eyes, our disciplined reason kind of goes out the window..

dglauz | 11. Juni 2014

Mark, the dogs DO go... with us.

We have 4 smaller dogs. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are about 20 lb each. The rear seats are folded, we place a blanket or canvas painting tarp form the back to the top of the back seats. the blanket is tucked in under the foot well cover for anchorage at the rear and tucked in at the sides of the seat backs for anchorage near the front. To protect the rear bumper on loading we have a towel tucked into the foot well cover and draped over the bumper. we have the package shelf, so the back is like a cave, but most of them spend most of the time on the rear seat backs. Sometimes one get on the floor for part of the trip. Sometime one or two want to come into the front seat, but an elbow stops that. We often drive 100 miles with the dogs.

Dog hair is an issue. the blanket catches a lot of it and it goes into the washer easily. The canvas tarp is an excellent cover for the black hair grabbing surface that is the back of the car, but does not hold the hair like the blanket.

AmpedRealtor | 11. Juni 2014

Not intending to plug PetSmart, my apologies, but have a look at these

I saw one of these rear seat dog slings in a Model S last year and it worked beautifully.

2050project | 14. Juni 2014

@hcwhy - Roseanne at TMC has a good custom solve, but, you can find some good ones on Amazon (or here too):

fuellss2 | 14. Juni 2014

My husband has the MS, which I drive most of the time as its our main car. I kept asking him when our dog (Aussie) could come along with me on daily errands, which he replies "never". For Mothers Day he surprised me, we went to the Showroom in Rocklin and placed an order for the X, so I could bring our dog along...

hcwhy | 14. Juni 2014

@2050 project:

Thanks for the tip...if I decide to go with the back seat up I might give it a try.

Brian H | 15. Juni 2014

Bring it along in an airtight box. Bury the box when you get home, without opening. >;p

portia | 15. Juni 2014

here are many photos of dogs in Tesla's which I have collected. Mine are the two huskies.