Model S beats Roadster and EV record at Laguna Seca

Model S beats Roadster and EV record at Laguna Seca

Bikezion | 22. Juli 2013
Here's a list of lap times for laguna seca.

fritzlan | 22. Juli 2013


I'm wondering how one minute and 48 seconds does not put it in 56th place on the list?

Are they banning electrical vehicles from competition?

And check out all of the really hot cars the Tesla beat.

GeekEV | 22. Juli 2013

> Nuxoll points out that he was impeded by a BMW ActiveE at Turn 10...

The rules were such that we were spaced out and being impeded shouldn't have been an issue. If you did manage to overtake the prior racer, you were allowed to go back for another clean run. If he really felt impeded he should have done that.

c.bussert67 | 22. Juli 2013

Thanks for the list, bike!
Notice the S is about 25% heavier than all those cars. It's impressive that it can move that much weight around that fast!

dstiavnicky | 23. Juli 2013

I like how it's 9 SECONDS faster then Jeremy Clarkson in an NSX.
Ha, ha, ha... Top Gear...

ian | 23. Juli 2013


Thanks for sharing!

flar | 23. Juli 2013

@GeekEV, it wasn't the prior racer. Check out 2:15 in the video. It looks like one of the competitors that was still staging pulled too far out on to the track at the entrance which blocked the correct line going into the following right-hander. When I first spotted the car I thought that someone had crashed in the middle of the road, but as you get closer it looks like he was backing up to get back off the road - either way, he was right on the optimum line and there was no reason for him to have been there.

This wasn't a failure of the staged starts and it wasn't an overtake. I hope the rules would allow a restart, though, since the entering driver did block the line...

GeekEV | 23. Juli 2013

Yeah, I didn't watch the video so I just assumed... You know what they say about that! But, yeah, in either case I would imagine they'd have given him another go if he wanted one.

GeekEV | 23. Juli 2013

FYI, the Model S is now listed at #56...

GeekEV | 23. Juli 2013

FWIW, is self reported. Based on the times sheet from REFUEL 2013 I would be at #74 on that list with my S60 and my first time on the track - but about half the times were better than mine and so I'd get bumped down pretty fast. Makes me wonder what other fast times haven't been reported on that list. :-)