Model S Charging National Hotel Directory?

Model S Charging National Hotel Directory?

A while ago I saw a post on this forum asking where your model S will reside. It also linked to a map that you could put your location & reservation number. Is there anything like this for Model S friendly hotels (NEMA 14-50 40 amp chargers etc.)? Even with the supercharger system, it would be great to know where to stay on my annual x-country trek this Spring.

Tesla229 | 30. September 2012

You might try either or Both of those sights show charging stations near your present location, or along a route that you designate, including shopping centers, hotels, parking structures, etc., with charging stations. | 30. September 2012

Thanks Tesla229 located & bookmarked

CarlE_P439 | 30. September 2012

I contacted ChargePoint and asked them if they currently have or plan to have any charging stations beyond the apparent maximum of 30 amps (TOO SLOW!!!) since with the Twin Chargers a Model S could handle up to 80A and this is the response I received:

"ChargePoint (the network) is open to all manufacturers of charging stations. While ChargePoint (the company) does not currently have plans to manufacture a charger that supports 80A charging, we are ready, willing and able to support any manufacturer that does. Currently Siemens, Leviton, Eaton, and Fuji manufacture ChargePoint compatible stations with another 5 manufacturers in development but not announced. We would love to add a manufacturer/station that supports 80A charging to that list. The best thing you can do as a driver is to contact manufacturers of 80A stations and encourage them to get on the ChargePoint network."

Does anyone know of a manufacturer that supports greater than 30A charging??

Brian H | 30. September 2012

Yes, Tesla Motors.

krogers | 30. September 2012

Some of the Clipper Creek EVSE models also support >30A.. The Tesla Roadster chargers are >30A -- I think thy are 70A. I would expect to be able to purchase a Roadster to Model S adapter to make use of
Roadster chargers, one of the adapters I plan to keep in my trunk.

mrspaghetti | 30. September 2012

Don't forget about