Mounting EZ Pass/ i-Pass

Mounting EZ Pass/ i-Pass

I'm five days into my Teslagasm. This is the most wonderful car I've ever experienced.

But, driving on the PA and NJ turnpike yesterday, I couldn't get the sensors to pick up my EZ Pass, despite holding it in lots of different places. Fortunately, I am still driving on the temporary California registration so they can't track me down.

Where have folks mounted their EZ Pass/ i-Pass?

Many thanks.

JOHN HOLLINGSWORTH | 22. September 2013

Get the external ez-pass and have the service center mount it under the nose cone. It works great.

JPPTM | 22. September 2013

Please search these forums using volkerize. com and also look at TMC. This has been asked and answered extensively. Interior--try the area to the right of the rear view mirror with the black dots. Exterior--use the exterior license plate transponder and either suck it up and bolt it to your front plate, or as JH noted, mount behind the nose cone on the front bumper.

tes-s | 22. September 2013

Just to the right of the rear view mirror like JPPTM said. Been through NJ, PA and MA turnpike tolls, GWB, HHB, TZB, Whitestone bridge.

No issues.

loefvinc | 22. September 2013

I've got one of the newer iPass modules which is much smaller that my old one. It' about 4.5 x 2.5 inch. I've mounted to the right of the mirror in a vertical position (90 degrees from normal) and it's working fine. Registers at the ramp entrances and I've got proper charges when driving on the tollway.


madbuns | 22. September 2013

I found that putting the side that would normally face up and out (in IL, this is the fat side, same tech in in PA, but don't know the packaging as well) towards the mirror on the right (at a 90 degree skew) worked best for me. I haven't had a missed toll since.

As sad as it is, I found the best way to test was a traditional toll booth with I-Pass (EZ Pass) capability (IL has open-road tolling, so one only gets tickets as feedback when only using those toll "stops").