Need Tesla Owners & Club member's support

Need Tesla Owners & Club member's support

The Punchline, First.
I need your help signing and promoting this Petition/campaign on to help Tesla overcome the Auto Dealers Assoc:

More Info.
After the successful White House Petition, I read that POTUS will not have much influence over our specific individual State and Federal representatives, which begs the question, '...did Tesla just win an empty bucket?'. I think so.

I decided to create a follow-on Petition and researched several on-line Petition sites. is one that sends the signed petition letter directly to your specific State and Federal rep.

My Motivation
Speaking as an entrepreneur, building a business is hard enough. It's incomprehensible to think my/your State and Federal representatives would handcuff my ability to create jobs and promote our innovations and offerings only because of 'good ol' boy', prehistoric thinking and politics.

The petition needs your signature and assistance to spread the word. We have less than 100 currently. The target is 150,000.

For those who have added their signature... Thank You! Now, would you mind sending this link to just 6 of your associates?

Anton Mitchell
Model S P85 (Sept. 2013)

AJMitch_85 | 19. Juli 2013

Here's proof that we need to pressure our local State and Fed rep's. This is an email I just received (July 19 3:40PM) from our local Maryland House of Delegates, Delegate Glen Glass.

Sign this petition!

"Dear Mr. Mitchell:

Thank you for your thoughtful email regarding the ability of Tesla Motors to sell directly to its consumers in Maryland.

A White House petition has successfully gathered over 100,000 signatures, petitioning that Tesla be allowed to sell cars directly to the consumer in all of the 50 states. The idea has traction, whether this becomes a national law, or if it will be left up to the states to decide.

I appreciate your comments, and hope that you will continue to contact my office on other issues that may be of concern to you.

Delegate Glen Glass
House of Delegates
District 34A
6 Bladen Street *Room 325
Annapolis, MD 21401
(Phone number deleted)

Brian H | 19. Juli 2013

Looks like the petition impressed some vote consumers.