New Harris Ranch Supercharge on.

New Harris Ranch Supercharge on.

Just come back from north Cal last night. Stop to get juice at Harris Ranch, saw the note posted at old supercharge location. The new SC across the street is operational (5 charge stations). I still think we need another SC b/w Harris and Folsom.

biwamura | 07. April 2013

I concur have you made that trip from harris ranch to folsom?

Tesla-me | 07. April 2013

I took my daughter (OC) to UOP (Stockton)for Pre-Den profile day. After get Max Range at Harris (Friday night, only 1 SC). Arrived At Stockton (142 miles with 110 rate miles left, we easily make it to Folsom, but it was late, we did not want to go to Folsom to get full charge and go back to Stockton - 60 miles). No Hotels in Stockton offer plugin. Lost some miles overnight. After profile day (3Pm), drove to Wallgreen get some juice from chargepro staion (level 2). this was painful slow ( 17 miles per hour, yes it is free). After get to 130 rate miles, we drove to Gilroy with 5 miles left. All four SC was taken, We had to wait for 20 min. From Gilroy to Harris and Tejon was easy. SC is stupid fast compare to level 2 (200 - 300 mile /hr)

portia | 07. April 2013

Do you mean on the 5 without having to go to Gilroy?

Tesla-me | 07. April 2013

Yes on 5 fwy

bt77057 | 07. April 2013

Good to know, thanks for posting.

I'm picking mine up in a couple of weeks at the factory and driving it home to SoCal.

jhuang | 07. April 2013

Yep, drop by there today and it was awesome having 6 more bays there! No more lines (at least for a short while). | 08. April 2013

We used the new Harris Ranch SC yesterday without a wait! So nice!

Note that 2 of the new six stations allows non-Tesla parking for up to 45-minutes and also requires backing in to charge up. The other four are normal stations, reserved for Tesla only. The lot is often full, so I guess they had to make that concession to get the spaces.

Also the original station at Subway is still in operation.

shop | 08. April 2013

So I guess it would make sense to try to use the two "normal" spaces first when you pull up to make sure there will be enough Tesla only spaces if it gets full.

jjaeger | 08. April 2013

Or at least one of the two. Since it seems most SC locations pair stations, faster charges have been reported by many by alternating stations.

NKYTA | 08. April 2013

@shop, @jjaeger - completely agree. My wife and I were there yesterday afternoon and had the same thoughts on the way to Gilroy.

gregv64 | 08. April 2013

They pair locations, but not necessarily adjacent locations. It would make the most sense for the two "overflow" stations to be paired with two other locations. | 08. April 2013

They are labeled as 1A 1B 2A 2B 3A 3B in sequential order. So if only three cars are charging, the fastest charges will occur if only one car is in each numbered set. That's what we did in the picture above. If I remember the cars were in 1B, 2A, and 3B. The subway station is by itself, so it's also a good spot to get a fast charge.