New reservation numbers???

New reservation numbers???

I just logged in today and noticed that the way your reservation number is shown is now different.

I used to be "P 153". Now I'm "#RN004563! Does that mean I just slipped to the end of the line, or are they now throwing all of the "S's, R, etc. in ahead of the regular P's".

Anybody have an explanation?



Mycroft | 02. Dezember 2011

Yes, just temporary. Look toward the end of the Reservation Tally thread.

Volker.Berlin | 02. Dezember 2011

Comment from Tesla:

We made some web changes last night including some changes to MyTesla. We used to post your Reservation Sequence Number to MyTesla. Now we post your Reservation Confirmation Number. We are working right now to update MyTesla to show you both numbers. We hope to get this done in the next 24 hours. [...]