New SuperCharger Web Map

New SuperCharger Web Map

I'm still waiting to accept delivery, but I happened to have the supercharger page open in my browser and then hit refresh and noticed the interface has changed completely to have a Coming Soon and 2014 versus Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 (or something similar). I hadn't paid that much attention to what was listed, and not I can't recover it. Has anyone noticed any significant changes with the new map besides the fuzziness of the dates.


gerardP | 03. Dezember 2013

Checking from Europe, I still have the same supercharger page for Europe, but the US page is updated and has four selections: Now, coming soon, 2014 and 2015

ian | 03. Dezember 2013

Very cool! It's most definitely different. No more gray dots and they've added a disclaimer regarding timing below the map.

I don't have time right now to look and see if they've moved any dots but it kind of looks like the proposed cross country route may have changed a bit in Utah and New Mexico.

Thanks for the heads up!


JaredBanyard | 03. Dezember 2013

Looks like some station in PA have disappeared.. Would force us to take the long way from NJ to upstate NY.

RDoc | 03. Dezember 2013

Unfortunately it looks like Tesla is scaling back the Supercharger network. I've only looked at New England and Florida, but they've lost 2 Supercharger locations apiece.

IMHO the original plan was really a bare minimum to make most trips times comparable to an ICE possible. With this plan, long charging layovers look necessary if you want to go off the main routes.

nwdiver93 | 08. Dezember 2013

Big winner was the southwest... Holbrook, Flagstaff and Farmington weren't planned; Kingman and Gallup got moved up from 2014.