New Tesla store coming Boca Raton Town Center Mall!

New Tesla store coming Boca Raton Town Center Mall!

Just saw the billboard for the store at the mall today. As awesome as this car is I'm still amazed at the growth of the company. This is great! Even though us owners know everything Tesla I still get a lot of "what car is that" on the road. These mall stores will get tons of traffic and new fans of the car. Go Tesla!

RLemmens | 24. September 2013

The Boca Mall is the perfect place for a Tesla store AND and a supercharging station ;-) (located between I-95 and Turnpike) Charge your car while shopping. Maybe Simon mall should sign up this blog ;-)

mvlismas | 03. Dezember 2013

I live 5 minutes from Town Center Mall. I take my son to the mall about every other week to walk around. We have been anxiously waiting for the Tesla store to open. I feel it would be a major success. I perform computer work for quite a bit of the wealthy people in the Polo Club and other higher society developments and I know that most of the people here in Boca like to get the next best flashy thing to compete with their friends and neighbors. I think a Tesla is the best of most worlds, automotive and computerized. Having a Tesla makes a bold statement. I don't quite make the big bucks, but I would buy a Tesla if my budget permitted. I would love to get rid of my 5.7 liter Tundra for a Tesla...

No matter what the skeptics say, I think this store is a PERFECT fit for Boca.

nickjhowe | 03. Dezember 2013

Should be open early in the new year, earlier if they can accelerate the build out.