Norwegian deliveries

Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?

HaraldH | 11. Februar 2013

Paperwork signed and car under production. The happy message is I got a reduction of 12600 for early reservation. The total amounts to N. kr 675950, No tax.

glaserud | 13. Februar 2013

HaraldH: What have you done re. winter tires?

HaraldH | 13. Februar 2013

I will wait and buy them next winter. Probably choose 19 " wheels for the winter tires.

Brian H | 13. Februar 2013

Are the MSes imported directly into Norway, or are they subject to import duties getting into NL?

GeirT | 14. Februar 2013

@ HaraldH,

Any delivery window indicated now that you have paid?

Timo | 14. Februar 2013

@Brian H; why would Norwegian people pay NL taxes? They might take a detour thru NL, but definitely not pay any taxes there.

HaraldH | 14. Februar 2013


Car-El | 20. Februar 2013

No action for nearly one week?

Brian H | 20. Februar 2013

Only a few customers, after some time, find their way to the forums, and report their purchases. Previous reports, when timely, have mostly come from existing forum members.

GeirT | 24. Februar 2013


Car-El | 27. Februar 2013

I want Tesla to speed up!
It is soooo long time to wait!

GeirT | 27. Februar 2013

@ Julius,North Norway

Agree and it is darn painful! But let's keep bumping the thread for updates, keeping hopes high for something to happen soon....


kbrianth | 27. Februar 2013

Looking forward to meeting Elon next week in Oslo!

ken | 27. Februar 2013

Just got a call from Tesla today...
(and received a mail later this evening)

Signed up for the waiting list in august/september - and now there were an opening for me! Just love the Signature Red and accepted the offer to upgrade to a Signature immediately. Have initiated transfer of the additional reservation fee, and now waiting for the payment to be received by Tesla Netherlands and hopefully the build button will appear shortly hereafter..

Tesla just made my day so much better - thks!

jeroens | 27. Februar 2013

In my case (NL) Awaiting payment to the new Signature number took about 3 days. No time to configure yet...

GeirT | 27. Februar 2013

@ kseitzberg

I am envious, envious, envious..... but of course deep down I am happy for you.
Btw, what reservation number did you have initially?

ken | 27. Februar 2013

@ GeirT

Fully understandable :-)

#EU1273 - will have to see if this changes

schirmik | 28. Februar 2013

#344. Expected delivery mid summer, Trondheim. If much later, I will try to have winter tires delivered with the standard wheels at first. Waiting til next summer for 21" with summer tires.

Car-El | 28. Februar 2013


WHAT! #1273 (EU)
Many cancel?

Runar | 28. Februar 2013

Julius, he got transfered from P1273 to a Signature spot.

New reservations now get numbers around P2900

Car-El | 28. Februar 2013

@Runar???? So it is over 700 that have say no to a Signature, but are still on order list? Or is it over 700 who has cancel there order? Or can someone tell me when I can get my car?

jkirkebo | 28. Februar 2013

EU Signature spots were available until about EU P900 had reserved. So anyone under P900 wasn't interested in a Sig to start with. So I don't see anything weird about P1273 now getting a vacant sig spot. I assume a few other spots have gone to people between P900 and P1273, but most are not insterested in a Sig.

I'm P1088 and I'm not on the waiting list because I do not want any of the exterior or interior colors offered on sigs, neither do I want to pay the sig premium for a couple months earlier delivery.

jeroens | 28. Februar 2013


That means that Runar was on the Signature waiting list and he was lucky enough that enough signature reservations get moved to production (wanted the car later or in different color) or cancelled that he could still get a spot.

Does not mean over 700 said No, means that probably 20-30 or so (guesstimate) of the EU Signatures changed or cancelled their reservation...

Jackie425 | 28. Februar 2013

Someone suggested there were a number of Sig reservation holders who decided after the Get Amped tour to move to production so TM could offer their places to those on the EU Sig waiting list.

ken | 28. Februar 2013


Had a talk with the Get Amped team in Copenhagen before I got moved to the list (and no I don't think I was transfered because of this). The Get Amped team and the Danish employees told that a few Sig res holders wanted to switch to Production models as they wanted one of the other color options. I wouldn't assume that it is because of cancellations - simply just a question about color choices.

My reason for accepting was exactly the same - my first choice is Sig Red - and with the possibility here - I took it. Not because of getting an earlier delivery window. My guess is that it is only a question about 2 month or so.

Jackie425 | 28. Februar 2013

I was trying to help people understand. I am on the EU Sig wait list since my production reservation in October. I would like a P85 Sig red too ;-) Looking at the sig numbers of people who got a place via the EU Sig wait list I am afraid that I will not be so fortunate. However I will remain hopeful until Tesla tells me otherwise. So one way in another I will get a Model S one day altgough might not be Sig red :-(

Jackie425 | 28. Februar 2013

Sorry about typos: it should read:
So one way or another I will get a Model S one day although might not be Sig red :-(

Car-El | 01. April 2013

Got a message that DHL will deliver my car in end of june!!! I am so exciting!!! :-):-):-)

Car-El | 01. April 2013

I need to fix my garage... Get some realt power that can charge my MS...

Brian H | 01. April 2013

;) Why are you exciting? Are you especially cute? Why should we get excited?

P85_Norway | 01. April 2013

I am on the EU Sig wait list too, and I will remain hopeful until Tesla tells me otherwise.

DonPedro | 01. April 2013


I am curious as to the shipping method. Is there any chance you can get DHL to tell you how the car will arrive in Norway (what kind of ship, in 4-car containers or a bigger one-off shipment, etc.)?

Jackie425 | 01. April 2013

@P85_Norway: Thought I better let you know that I made it. I now have EU Sig#425 and I am very happy - poorer but happy.

Carl Barlev | 01. April 2013

Wow, great news Julius!

I hope to get our Model S before the end of September and then we will spend 3-4 weeks driving all around Norway.

In case you didn't understand Brian's comment, he was just pointing out the fact that you said "exciting" when the word you meant to use was "excited".

Brian, might I suggest that you try a more direct approach when correcting non-native speakers of English? I suspect that your attempts to help are misunderstood by many.

Back to the waiting game for me...

#1333 EU

AttackOfTheMac | 01. April 2013

In Norway normally a car comes with some extra equipment. From what i can see the US version is ribbed? Anyone know if the Norwegian version/price include anything more?
Im thinking about:

-Winter tires
-Tire repair set
-First aid kit
-Emergency triangle
- Winter floor mats

Well that all I cant think of for now. Thx :)

DonPedro | 02. April 2013

Submitted registration early last week and payment today. Word from the dealer was delivery November/December.

Car-El | 02. April 2013

And in Norway on 1. April we tell a smal lies.

I will have my car (#2440) in desember/januar.

sethvandermeer | 02. April 2013

Julius: Why so late? I am 2853 and got an indication that it would be before the end of the year. Knowing that there are 400 or so behind me and Tesla still guarantees 2013 delivery, I expect delivery in November.

Car-El | 02. April 2013

It was not a good one. (I forgot my but...

Car-El | 02. April 2013


Thec say 1 year when i order.
If it come before: me happy!
Easy to understand?

orjanklo | 02. April 2013

@Julius From what I gather us norwegians are currently looking at a 7-8 month waiting period between putting down the deposit and having the car delivered.

This also means I will have to delay my reservation as I will need a few extra months to secure enough funding for this magnificent vehicle.

jkirkebo | 02. April 2013


Winter tires are normally never included in cars here, just on a few "business editions" coming in under the company car cutoff levels. You'll have to pay extra for these. My guess is NOK 16,000,-

Tire repair set - my guess is you pay extra for this just like in the US. Same goes for the first aid kit.

Energency triangle is required by law. Inclusion is mandatory.

Winter floor mats - I hope these will be standard here, but assume we will have to pay extra for them. They are usually included on new cars here though with some exceptions.

orjanklo | 02. April 2013

Anyone figured out how much an extra set of official 19" rims, with proper winter tires on them, will set us back in Norway?

Car-El | 05. April 2013


I am waiting for an ansver on 19" rims and Nokian Hakka R for MS.
Thec are lokkende for rims that fits.

Xfrank | 05. April 2013

@Carl Barlev

I'll hope that you have your car very soon,
because I'm #1332 EU ;-)

GeirT | 05. April 2013

This is so friggin boooring..... #2145 and not a pip, nothing to "stimulate" excitement; deliveries, in shipment updates, count down to my delivery. Nothing… Nada… Jack… Zip… Zilch... in Europe. Happy US customers, doing miles after miles, super charging here there and everywhere, praising, hailing, enjoying and bitching and moaning. I wish I had my MS to praise, enjoy and bitch and moan about.
Anyone else feeling the frustrations creeping in on you? Or is it just me...........?

sethvandermeer | 05. April 2013

@GeirT I recognize it... test drove last wednesday and my patience is being challenged ;-) I would really like to know a date. Even if it is November. But now I keep getting hopes from seeing updates everywhere that suggest it might be sooner. I am #2853. The only thing that is sure, is a 2013 delivery.

Brian H | 05. April 2013

It's just you. You're failing mentally, and should cancel immediately to relieve the strain.

lygren | 05. April 2013

#220 EU, just signed my 60kW car over to production... ;) Now the looong wait!

Winnie796 | 05. April 2013

GeirT, you are not alone. I follow the forums every day for a sign that our cars are coming very soon. I have to admit though, the wait is giving me time to save more money.