Obeche Wood: Matte or Glossy?

Obeche Wood: Matte or Glossy?

This is a re-post from the TMC forum:

I was asked to finalize about 30 days ago and have been carefully considering my options. I am now at the trim stage. I am getting the car in black with tan interior and obeche wood trim.

I originally thought I might want the matte finish based on this thread, but now I am not so sure. Since deliveries are starting to pick up I'm hoping to get more feedback from those who've seen matte and glossy together.

I realize its a personal choice but would like to hear other thoughts before I finalize. Thanks in advance.

Klaus | 03. November 2012

The gloss finish seems to bring out the colors better than the matte. I chose the gloss and am very pleased with it. I took delivery on the 30th of September, BTW.

TeslaLABlue | 03. November 2012

Its funny as I have heard folk say that the gloss gets lots of fingerprints on it.... The comment completely cracks me up.

I've had a car with gloss wood trim since 2003 and it never gets fingerprints on it. The reason? Because when does anyone ever touch the wood trim in a car?

I went with gloss obeche wood. As Klaus said above it brings out the colors better... if thats what you like.

Just dont make your decision based on finger prints... its a non issue.

Brian H | 04. November 2012

Some people like to fondle their wood? Lack of self-control, obviously.

TheAustin | 04. November 2012

I think matte looks better with the grey, and the glossy looks better with the tan. Having said that, I prefer the matte, because it looksand feels like real wood...I have always hated ultra glossy wood trim detail, as it looks and feels like, at best, wood veneer, and at worst, plastic. Also, a Tesla rep said that a lot of people were not pleased with how "finger-printy" the gloss was.

Mtlord | 04. November 2012


Michael23 | 04. November 2012

Yeah why would you touch it?
Gloss if you like real wood.
Lacewood if you want unique.
Cf is the best IMO! And I hate cf in cars usually.

MB3 | 04. November 2012

What do you like about CF? I usually like high-tech materials, but don't care for the stripe pattern in the CF.
I like real wood, but prefer matte to gloss, because the gloss looks like the wood is encased in plastic.
I liked some of the pictures on TMC of the original Lacewood, and still have difficulty choosing between Lacewood and matte Obeche.

Michael23 | 04. November 2012

Sorry I meant Matt looks like real wood. I'm not a fan of glossy wood either because it looks fake. That's why I think lacewood and cf look better to me. Less expected and less like the BMW and Audi trims.

Michael23 | 04. November 2012

The cf is just really matted. It's like a cooler IMO and just so different. But lacewood is really nice too

here are helpful pics

jerry3 | 04. November 2012

CF is not wood and is not glossy which makes it a winner in my book. Unfortunately, it's also not worth the $10K upgrade to get it.

Michael23 | 04. November 2012

Yeah good thing you get to compete with m5s as well for the price ;)

What did you pick Jerry? Lacewood? Black?

jerry3 | 04. November 2012


I haven't finalized anything (7971) so I'm still going back an forth, but right now it's:

85, silver or gray, 19" , pano, grey or black, lacewood, tech, sound, air, twin.

Originally I wanted 85, silver or grey, 19" , body, cloth, tech, sound, air, twin, HPWC.

But the body colour roof doesn't have rear headroom and the cloth seats aren't heated, so if I'm going to have to pay for the leather, then I might as well get the least objectionable one that doesn't show fingerprints. I would have liked to have the HPWC (mostly so that I can charge other's cars) but the more-or-less forced changes have added more to the price than I would have liked so something has to go (besides any semblance of a budget).

Because I haven't actually seen the grey and it's unlikely that I will have a chance to, it's probably going to be silver. The black interior is a bit too dark and I haven't seen the tan, so that's why the grey.

Michael23 | 04. November 2012

Cool. The lacewood is nice in person. Didn't think it was as good in pics, but when I drove with it I like it.

Andrew18 | 04. November 2012

Has anyone seen piano black in person? I seem to be the one person who chose it. I'm getting paranoid!

jerry3 | 04. November 2012


Well, it's just gloss black plastic. I don't think there's much to see in person. If you only have calm adults traveling with you, then the fingerprints shouldn't be that big a deal. Kids or excitable adults will probably have to have a fingerprint removal session after each trip.

RedShift | 04. November 2012

Glossy obeche wood. I have, and love the glossy myrtle wood in my BMW. Never got scratches or finger prints on it. Even if it did, I'd be too busy enjoying my drive to notice. Gloss brings out the richness of the wood, IMO.

jinglehyme | 05. November 2012

Is wood glossy on a tree?

Audi has a matte option for their interiors - superb!

Captain_Zap | 05. November 2012

It can be glossy when it is covered in pitch.
I remember wood stanchions at the farm rubbed to a high gloss by the cattle over the years. Then again, I have seen carbon on trees in nature too.

My recommendation is to go to a showroom because they have modular pieces of trim, leather and interior details that you can put together so you can see how they all look together.

Captain_Zap | 05. November 2012

The lacewood is very textured if I recall and dust came to mind. Then again, I keep a large cosmetic brush in the glovebox just for such purposes, so it might be a personal issue...

petero | 05. November 2012

Personal taste. We chose the Obeche Glossy to compliment our white/tan leather "S."

Personally, I was NOT blown away with any of the wood accents, none were very rich looking and the glossy finishes look a bit like 50's formica. Good luck.

Captain_Zap | 05. November 2012

That's the combo I went with petero.

space09 | 05. November 2012

I don't think you can go wrong either way. I opted for tan / obeche gloss and am very happy with it, but my gf thinks the gloss may look dated in 10 years compared with matte (and I plan to keep this car that long). The gloss look reminds me a bit of how Lexus does is in an ES--if you like that type of look, go for it. If you don't, go matte.