Orange County -Stockton CA trip

Orange County -Stockton CA trip

This Fri Apr 5, we will take our first long trip from Orange County to Stockton in our Sig.
Stay at Stockton one night, take couple hours tour of University of Pacific in the morning, then go back.
We looking for hotel in Stockton area offer over night charge. We need help or any suggestions .

Tâm | 31. März 2013

Hi neighbor cquach97:

I have been answering to people who asked about routes that I have not taken yet, so this is another one:

Sorry that I don't have any info on EV friendly hotels in Stockton, CA area. That means please be a pioneer and call them up so we can follow your footstep.

If you can't find any, then you consider to rely on the 3 Superchargers Harris, Gilroy, Folsom within 150 miles of that area.

In that case, logical destinations would be:

Harris - > Folsom: 205 miles = 2:57

Folsom -> University of the Pacific, Stockton: 65 miles = 1:04

I would charge up "Max range" which will impair your battery longevity, NOT "standard charge," at Harris on the way up I-5 North, bypassing Stockton and reach to Folsom, do a standard charge, then go down CA 99 to enjoy Stockton overnight with no plug in needed.

Once you got to the University from Folsom, you should have rated 240miles-65miles=175 miles left - 65miles to go back = 110 miles left for overnight idled energy loss and for touring around Stockton.

You got to make sure you'll get enough rated miles left to do a return trip to Folsom, get a "Max range", NOT "standard charge," then back to Harris.

It's possible to do ALL standard charges with no "Max range" to avoid killing your battery prematurely but you have to have discipline by running on cruise control only at maximum 55 - 60 mph including when you pass other cars (On I-5, people usually pass other cars by momentarily speed to 85 mph or more which will quickly deplete your STANDARD CHARGE from Harris to Folsom.)

Good luck.

Brian H | 31. März 2013

You should check out the "Max Range" scare. AFAIK it only applies if you let the battery sit fully charged for a time. If you start driving/using it immediately, not so much.

Brian H | 31. März 2013

You will lack regen for a time, till you have drawn down enough to accept regen input, so the brakes may get some (needed) workout.