Parking at Costco and Fry's

Parking at Costco and Fry's

Who's going to brave parking their Model S in the parking lots at Costco, Fry's, or < your local nightmare parking lot >?

BYT | 01. März 2012

That's a good question, how many of us have been happy and so loved our cars that we drove off a showroom floor just to be devastated by it's inevitable first ding in the parking lot. I'm almost ready to tear thinking about it happening to my Model S.

TikiMan | 01. März 2012

Like all my nice cars I have owned, I will end up parking way at the far end of the lot, far away from as many cars as possible.

However, I tend to find that a good 75% of all the door-dings I have received in the past, happened after a valet had my car.
Why upper-class society puts up with valet-parking is a question I will ponder for my entire life... It's about the equivalent of handing your home keys over to some random under-paid teenager to 'take-care' of your home and its belongings, while you are away, knowing FULL WELL that there is nothing you can do if he trashing your place.

Either way, when I get my S, I won't be eating anyplace that only has valet.

Robert.Boston | 01. März 2012

I'm strongly considering taking the car cover with me most everywhere I go and using it religiously. It will provide at least a first line of defense. I'm hoping that Tesla makes the car cover with appropriate openings for the charge cable and whatever ventilation is required during charging.

stephen.kamichik | 01. März 2012

When I parked my 1976 Datsun 280Z at the far end of the parking lot, there was always some sicko who would park three inches from my driver's side. I would have to crawl on to the driver's seat from the passenger side.

stevenmaifert | 01. März 2012

I added body side moldings when I purchased my 2008 Camry Hybrid. It was a dealer installed aftermarket kit that did not significantly alter the appearance or aerodynamics of the car but has saved me many a ding and dent. $300 well spent. That said ... I still park at the far end of lot :)

Peak Oil bruin | 01. März 2012

Whoa, no body side mouldings on a Tesla, please. Remember how much the wife & kids laughed at me when I parked the S55 a distance from the Whole Foods entrance and later had to pull a shopping cart out of the driver's door.

The Costco parking lot was the 2nd best reason not to join. Reason #1, all the humanity, hoarding too much, etc.

Our wirefox terrier loves to tag along on trips in the Prius, but if he does not mellow out will not be included in the Tesla roundabouts. Doggie downers anyone?

gagliardilou | 01. März 2012

Driving home from work today I was behind a truck and it came to mind that when in my model s and behind a truck with little rocks falling out the back of it and hitting my car, that is going to be terrible. Then I thought that they should really be held responsible for their actions. Then I thought about putting a bra on the front of the car. I am not big into that look so I thought someone should invent a rubber spray that would be able to be sprayed on the front about 1/4 inch thick that you would be able to peel off anytime you wanted and put a new coat on. Any inventors out there? If you decide to invent this product, please cut me in, I can use the money to buy the car. Thanks.

David70 | 01. März 2012

"Our wirefox terrier loves to tag along on trips in the Prius, but if he does not mellow out will not be included in the Tesla roundabouts. Doggie downers anyone?"

Yep. A cockapoo and a miniature poodle. They'll be chained in a covered back seat or in the back with the back seats down. If it's the latter, they'll probably be in their crate. They sleep in that all the time anyway.

BYT | 01. März 2012

Another reason to buy the performance, so you NEVER end up behind a big truck hauling rocks... :)

petero | 01. März 2012

lgagliardi. Good news, such a products exists. It is a clear film that adheres to the front to prevent stone chips etc. SmartShield, ClearMask, Invisible Bra, etc. to name three. You will see a small line, as if you applied scotch tape, but it looks a lot better than a vinyl bra.

Liz G | 01. März 2012

I was going to post the same as Peter.

My husband belongs to a Mustang club and several of the members have invisible bras on their cars. Most the time you can't even tell its there except for the thin one but it is very tough stuff and seems to do a good job protecting the paint. It's basically like the screen protector on your smart phone or tablet.

I planned on speaking to the local guy the club members go to to see if I can get a custom bra for my S. Figuring it'll run me around $3000. Nice thing is it's not only on the front of the car but also in front of the back wheels to protect from rocks flung up by you front tires.

TikiMan | 01. März 2012


I carry around a very long sharp metal object for cars that get to close to mine delibrately... LOL! psssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.....

I use to own a 94 300ZXtt w/ aftermarket chip, intake, duel exhaust, turbos, etc! It would EAT 911’s, Mustang GT’s, and a bunch of other sports cars (including exotics) any day of the week :-)

Brian H | 01. März 2012

I think POB was asking if anyone had or used doggie tranquilizers (downers).

phb | 01. März 2012

I've never gotten too worked up about parking in Egypt when I go to the big-box stores. Then again, I often has little kids with me that either walk slowly or need to be carried. I will refrain from parking next to the total beater.

Oh, and I have two little English Cocker Spaniels who will ride in the back when they need to go places. One of the reasons that the Model S works for me is the hatch in the back.

Volker.Berlin | 02. März 2012

Then I thought about putting a bra on the front of the car. (lgagliardi)

IIRC, Tesla offers an "invisible bra" as a factory option for the Roadster. I'd hope they'll have the same option for the Model S (although it is not yet mentioned on the options page...).

petero | 02. März 2012

Wow. Think how healthy it will be to own an “S.” Zero emissions, breathing fresher air, long walks to the store. Almost sounds like your giving up your car – Not!

David70 | 02. März 2012


The dogs are an argument I hope to make with my wife for the Model S. If we have them with us, we can leave left in the car with the AC on so we don't have to worry about them if we can't find a parking space in the shade.

Peak Oil bruin | 02. März 2012

David70 - I'm always looking for that island with a tree in an ocean of sundrenched cars.

BrianH - don't feel so bad, someone else remembers that old SNL skit.

gagliardilou | 02. März 2012

Well all, thats great news on the clear bra. $3000 seems pretty pricey. I will be interested to see if Tesla offers one.

Would using a clear bra create a paint color difference over time between the part covered and the part not covered?

BYT | 02. März 2012

In the Bay Area, I know a guy who does this for the dealers and will save me at least half on the cost to put the clear coat on my car. I'll be going that route with mine.

Etographer | 03. März 2012

I for one will be parking at both. In the "Electric vehicle charging station". They will be positioned close to the building. I'm sure both buildings are a 3 phase building with fast charging available :)