Parking Sensors

Parking Sensors

I just reserved a new Model S but my only hesitation to purchase is the lack of front and rear parking sensors. I love everything else about the Model S but I can't figure out why they would not have parking sensors. All comparable (gas) cars have them as standard options these days. I currently drive a Maserati Quattroporte, which is very lacking on the tech side, and it even has parking sensors. I am really hoping it becomes an option on the Model S before mine goes into production. Front sensors make parking much safer and easier and rear sensors give great audible feedback if you are looking out the rear window. Is there some kind of technical reason why the Model S does not have them? Hopefully other drivers out there agree and if you do please voice your opinions as maybe we can get this added.

Pungoteague_Dave | 27. Februar 2013


And no one needs a GPS either, maps were just fine. I love how people who have never had something come on here and say they don't need it, denigrating people who want it by implying they don't know how to drive.

I have owned more than 50 cars, SUVs, and trucks. Eight have had rear cameras and about the same have had parking assist, two with front and rear assist. I can drive the ones without just fine. But the cars that have these features as OEM are better cars for having them. Same with adaptive cruise control, blind side awareness, self-parking, and lane keeping. Even little things like center indicator lines on the rear camera (found on my F150 but not my Model S) make a difference in the driving experience once you have them and understand them. Now that these features are increasingly standard on expensive luxury cars, not having them is a negative.

I bought two F150 pickups for my business last year. One cost less than half as much as the other, but has crank-up windows, rubber interior, 2wd, bench seat, etc. The other is a Platinum, and is the same size truck, but is better content in every area. Both have value for what they are. I don't care to give my employees seat warmers and coolers, or even automatic HVAC, or a backup camera, but want those features for my personal truck. In the luxury price point spectrum for the Model S, even the lowest spec 40kw, the competition has all of these features and more, and it is legitimate to say so on this forum.

Your smug superiority is unbecoming and I am sure that you would not behave that way face to face.

jat | 27. Februar 2013

@PD - I am just tired of everybody whining that the Model S doesn't have door pockets or parking sensors or grab handles or rear cup holders etc. If those things are important to you, then either buy a different car of add an after-market product. You wouldn't go up to Ford and tell them they need to redesign the door if you are going to buy it, so why should you do that with Tesla?

In Tesla's case, like any startup they have to be razor-focused on building the best product as they perceive it, and they can't be distracted by trying to please everyone. Judging from the reactions of people who actually have the car, it appears they have succeeded.

Sorry if expressing that frustration came off as "smug superiority", as that wasn't what I intended.

TheAustin | 27. Februar 2013

I talked in person to the guys at the Queens/NY Service center, and they confirmed that they will be adding parking sensors in the near future...He said that software interface is already contained within the car, and can been seen when the touchscreen is viewed in "developer mode." And, while I agree that it should be standard, and should have come when the car was delivered, I will be happy to add it on when it's ready, and I certainly wouldn't let us stop me from buying the car.

DanD | 27. Februar 2013


I'm a bit new to parking sensors (didn't know they could be bought aftermarket). I literally have a 3 point turn to get in and out of my garage and as I said above, haven't been totally successful.

Was the implication that existing Model S' would be upgrade-able?

I guess that's the thing with this car, as a customer you'd like to see an upgrade road-map.

Pungoteague_Dave | 27. Februar 2013

Austin and Dan,

The software may be there but the harware isn't. I personally removed the entire rear exterior body structure from my Model S (covered in hitch installation threads, with pictures) and there is no wiring harness in place for sensors, nor are there attachment points that I could see. Future versions may have park assist, but I don't see any reasonable way for this feature to show up on current-spec cars, and this was confirmed by our DS and the Rockville Service Center.

Pungoteague_Dave | 27. Februar 2013


The very point of this forum is to discuss the Model S, and that naturally includes what we like and where it can be improved. If you are tired of hearing about it, then perhaps your time is better spent elsewhere. This is not a Model S promotional forum or fanclub. I participate in several other forums and it is the same thing - we all like our vehicle choices, but see things that could be better, and so i think it is worth the time to participate, whether it is my Hobie Cat, F150, Yamaha jet ski, Trek bicycle, BMW K1600 GTL, Cessna airplane, Island Packet yacht, etc.

Anything can be improved, and we learn what's good or bad from this kind of interaction, both current owners and potential consumers. More importantly, my experience with product forums is that the manufacturer uses them as one way to gain design feedback for both development and support purposes. So yes, cup holders do have a place here.

brookbot | 27. Februar 2013

Seems that a lot of folks on this thread are overlooking the fact that were spending 100k on new BEV technology that has the capacity to go ~300miles on a single charge. An added bonus is free "quick" charge points located throughout the country.

Sure if I spend 100k I expect a luxury car, and it is. Zero engine noise. I think I got dizzy driving it the first week or so because of that. That, leather and a 17in screen with 3G integrated into the car satisfy me.

Everything else is just making the car more malleable for the consumer base at this price.

One thing to note is that after the initial engineering, the car is actually very cheap to make. Consider the number of moving parts in a traditional ICE, and lack of them in the Tesla. Yes after the initial engineering expense this is a very cheap car. I expect the company will do very well and be able to add all these features and more in the next couple of years. I trust they will take their time and do it right.

Right now were still paying for the technology, and have the pleasure of being the first to drive it.

scottssp | 27. Februar 2013

Having them installed today, $600.00 for front and rear. Will let you know how they work soon. Saved that in gas allready three or four times.

GeekEV | 27. Februar 2013

@scottssp - Having what installed, exactly? And where did you get them?

shop | 27. Februar 2013

You should be able to find a custom car modification company in your area to install parking sensors. They will do things like integrate third party audio and video systems. Parking sensors should be a snap for them.

vouteb | 27. Februar 2013


Are you sure?
Did you actually see that on the screen?

Mel. | 27. Februar 2013

Jat, I really agree with you and find it silly to think that adding more cup holders is improving this wonderful vehicle.

MandL | 28. Februar 2013

@Pungoteague_Dave - OMG. You ride a Trek bicycle? Such a piece of crap. The Giant bicycle's battery assist technology is FAR superior. And don't get me started on Yamaha vs. SeaDoo! ;-)