performance motor vs non performance motor

performance motor vs non performance motor

A question. Will the performance motor outlast the non performance motor because it is beefed up? You get 54 Horsepower more with performance but you get 118 ft lbs more of torque but it also seems the rpm of the motor go down in the performance model. Does that mean it doesnt work as hard and therfor will last longer? Thanks.

BYT | 30. Juli 2012

Same motor, different inverter.

Brian H | 30. Juli 2012

As far as "outlasting", I suspect we will never hear of anyone having to replace the motor. I've never heard of an electric motor wearing out, unless it was burned out with excess voltage, etc.

Timo | 31. Juli 2012

Motor bearings might need replacing in say every two million miles or so. Other motor parts should last for couple of centuries.

gagliardilou | 02. August 2012

I did not want to live with my car possibly having a regret and for the reason below so I ordered the persormance sig.

I have a BMW 545i. I wanted the 535 at the time for the 6 cylinder but to get the rims I wanted, you had to get the 545. I reluctantly did it and feel like I have been paying for those rims everytime I fill up the tank! Dont get me wrong, I enjoy having the extra power when needed but its not worth the less mileage I receive with the 8 cylinder. So the cost for rims and to have the performance is always ongoing.

Compare that to the Tesla and its the opposite. Its a one time fixed cost and you only pay a little extra when you "race" around otherwise if you drive it normally, you get the same mileage as the non-performance. Now that is nice!

Lastly, everyone speaks of the performance only being 1.2 seconds faster. That is true but I feel the real benefit is the additional 118 ft lbs of torque.

Bottom line, There is less chance of me regretting the extra money spent compared to not having the extra torque when needed because the cost is a one time cost.

BYT | 02. August 2012

I may regret the extra speeding tickets. Any threads on the best Radar Detectors for a Performance Model S?

SMOP | 02. August 2012


I bet there will be an app for the Command Center soon!....I used to use the Valentine 1, but in the past 10 years or so all the police now use Lidar which is impossible to detect until you are already hit. Would be nice if the Model S could interface local speed limits and warn you if you are going over the limit. I know the Karma does this.

BYT | 02. August 2012

My Garmin GPS does that as well! Have the HUD turn a light red when you go over the speed limit would be a nice tough!

dahtye | 02. August 2012

SMOP and BYT...

I made this exact comment during my Palo Alto Test drive that I posted to YouTube. I mentioned that we should have a way to add small "chimes" as reminders when going over a certain speed. It would be great if we could actually program it in using the 17" touchscreen. Better yet would be an app that knows the speed limit of your location (such as BYT mentioned in the Garmin), so we wouldn't need to program it in.

Perhaps the included GPS in the Sig model already has this??

toto_48313 | 02. August 2012

+1 SMOP and dahtye, this will be a nice feature to have.

Teoatawki | 02. August 2012

40+ years ago, my grandfather drove us from Ohio to Florida in a large Cadillac or Buick. It had a user set high speed warning tone. Every time it went off he would just up the limit another 5mph, which seems to make it less effective.

digitaltim | 03. August 2012

@byt - I live on Waze and depend on everyone connected to flag the speed traps...saves me every week on my Baltimore to NY/NJ commute on the turnpike.

BYT | 03. August 2012

I was looking at stuff like this, Cobra iRadar for iPhone Review:

And I know there are a lot of apps (some free and some relatively cheap) for users of those apps to flag the speed traps and traffic camera's, ect. Good to hear their are people who actually update it. When I read about it, I was thinking, "who would pull out their phone and update a speed trap while driving?"

Especially here in California where it's a hefty ticket just for holding your phone. Hands free here MEANS hands free or else the ticket. Doesn't matter if it was on speakerphone... :(

digitaltim | 03. August 2012

@byt - I used Cobra iRadar for a while, but Waze has much higher population density...especially in the big cities...which helps for speed traps, but also better real time stats on traffic flow which the nav uses to route around.

stevenmaifert | 03. August 2012

As the 85kWh battery ages, its ability to deliver the power necessary for that 1.2 seconds differential will decline. Enjoy it while it lasts.

ggr | 03. August 2012

I've never heard that, and from my understanding of the physics, it isn't correct either.

Sudre_ | 03. August 2012

There is a difference between how many watts a battery can hold and how many watts a battery can put out at any given moment...... a big difference.

Mark K | 04. August 2012

It's a misconception that the acceleration declines as the battery ages. Not true.

What changes is how long the battery can perform. Range declines, not performance.

In techno-speak, the internal impedance of the cell does not increase linearly in inverse proportion to cell capacity. There is some increase, but it's modest and likely within TM's safety margin.

Only at the bitter end of the battery's useful life would you see an effect on acceleration, and that's the time for a new pack.

The pleasantly bizarre new reality with BEVs is that 8 years from now, your replacement pack will cost less and do more than the original.

When was that ever true for ICE cars?

The aluminum body and electric motor will show few signs of age, so with a 2020 advanced tech battery pack, your car will actually outrun what it could do when it was new.

Pretty cool, this new era.

Brian H | 04. August 2012

Yes, a kind of "edgy" comment one handler made to his driver, was "When you take delivery your car is the worst it will ever be. You'll get daily or weekly upgrades (software)..." But of course, there is a period of range decline between purchase and next-gen battery replacement that offsets the 'upgrades' to some extent.

And Engineer Murphy admiringly and famously said, "You can never make anything foolproof, because fools are so ingenious!" He knew he was forever outclassed ...

gagliardilou | 04. August 2012

Mark K

I agree with you. I heard Elon say on the last conference call that the battery warranty is 8 years but he expects the battery to last twice as long as that - 16 years! Then you get a new pack in 2028 and now you car does way more than it used too when you bought it new. Who knows maybe it will even fly!!!

Should be no rust cause its aluminum. My 17 inch display will always be able to be updated.

I fully intend this to be my last car I ever buy. At 49 years old, I believe it should work. Then I will give my car to one of my sons and since it is a signature, and all cars will be electric, it should be worth a lot.

In addition, We use Nipsco for our gas and electric. They have a program where they will pay for and install your home charger (up to $1,650.00) and then let you charge for free from 10pm till 6am until Jan of 2015!!

This is the only car where things get better and better for you as you own it. FANTASTIC!!!