persistent fan noise behind the 17" display

persistent fan noise behind the 17" display

I just got my car this morning. Ever since early afternoon and throughout the evening I am hearing a non-stop fan(like) noise behind the 17" - more to the upper side than lower. I went out to dinner and got back and it was still running. Almost sounds like a cpu fan that doesn't shut off. Maybe it's a battery fan? But that seems a bit high in the car and I am not sure why it would keep running for as long as it's been..

anyone else had something similar happen?

tesla-ss | 07. Mai 2013

was it hot outside when it was parked? I hear it when the temps reach 75 or higher.
Was told by a DS that it is a cpu fan behind the display. It goes away once the temp drops below 70.

Pasadena-S | 07. Mai 2013

I had this. Wouldn't go away. Finally, I took it in and they could not make it go away except by pulling the appropriate fuse. Hasn't come back since.

lnxcar | 07. Mai 2013

hm ok I guess I will see if it's still running tomorrow and if so, I will stop by the menlo park place.

lnxcar | 08. Mai 2013

OK so I stopped by at the service center in Menlo Park. They were of course super nice and helpful. Seems like this is a known problem, they said "ok we know what's up" before I finished my sentence. There's a glitch in 4.4 (sounds like it will be addressed in 4.5). The fan starts when it gets warm, but doesn't get turned off when it cools down.

He pulled a fuse for a few minutes to reset the thing, then plugged it back in and the fan had stopped and the noise was gone.

Love the car! Day 2 :)

rdalcanto | 08. Mai 2013

Do you know which fuse? Will you have to pull it every time you get home?

lnxcar | 08. Mai 2013

I guess every time it gets hot. Right now it's ok. he pointed out that there was a heat wave last week however I got the car yesterday so that wasn't it. Now I do have the front license plate panel thing. I wonder if that makes it worse.. hmmm

anyway it was the yellow fuse towards the window on the right.

per the owners guide it would be fuse box #2 (page 26) F51 which makes sense as it says "Touch screen".

bonforte | 08. Mai 2013

I have this problem as do a number of other people in the Telsa FB group. Thanks for the information.

trydesky | 20. Mai 2013

Thanks for the thread, I have the same problem.

GeekEV | 20. Mai 2013

Tesla just took my car in to the shop today for the same (I think) issue. I'll report back what they tell me...

mbcaffe | 20. Mai 2013

I called service and they also said that would be fixed in the next release, maybe two weeks. He said if it starts making grinding noises, to call right away. As for the fuse, I believe it is number 51 according to the user guide.

mlaureti | 31. Mai 2013

Thanks for your posts guys, I have the same problem. I got the new version 4.4 and we are in a heat wave in the Ottawa area.

I will try removing the fuse. This forum is great!

Lush1 | 31. Mai 2013

FWIW, the day my delivery was scheduled I got a call from the delivery center. They were putting mine on the truck and heard an unusual fan noise from behind the display. They needed to get a module shipped to fix it so we agreed to postpone 1 week. My garage wasn't quite ready anyway, so it was really for the best. The pressure was off me and THEY found the noise, not me, which was far better, but felt longer than the 3 years I had my reservation! Got the car on the new date and it has been perfect. I never heard the noise so I realize this probably doesn't help, but I couldn't see any harm in sharing the story. Best of luck.

Brian H | 01. Juni 2013

The other day,
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bob | 07. Juni 2013

62 degrees on a gray, June, L.A. morning. The car has been sitting overnight. The fan motor is whirring away loudly. This is not a heat related issue.

My fan noise began about a week ago. I stopped in the L.A. service center to ask about it and was told it was normal. It's not, it's new. It's a small annoyance to give up the time to wait for them to deal with it at service, especially if they don't see it as an issue. From what I've read here, it's a known issue. Not sure how to proceed.

J.T. | 07. Juni 2013

Remove all the grease from the axel and spin the wheel rapidly.

hsadler | 07. Juni 2013


" I stopped in the L.A. service center to ask about it and was told it was normal"

Ok, if it's normal, I have to get my quiet one fixed. There's no noise.

RedShift | 08. Juni 2013

Pulled fuse #51 myself today, fan noise still remains.

Mark Z | 08. Juni 2013

When testing the new 4.5 feature of low amperage charging while the AC is on (and plugged in) I noticed the fan noise when entering the vehicle and the AC was OFF. This is new and did not happen in the previous 8800 miles. This does destroy the previous perfect quiet quality that Model S was famous for. It's like turning Dolby noise reduction off when the music is on. The low background sound is annoying.

Maybe CU will drop the rating to 98.

bob | 08. Juni 2013


Normal was what I had before, no noise. Now, like others, I have noise. Is noise the new normal?

Robert22 | 08. Juni 2013

The fan noise is distinct from the hard drive that can also be heard spinning behind the nav screen correct?

RedShift | 08. Juni 2013


"Is noise the new normal?"

According to Tesla service, NO. They are working to re-release 4.5 firmware with the fix.

dr_gko | 09. Juni 2013

I pulled the #51 fuse and waited about a minute before putting it back. The persistent noise behind the screen that has been bothering me for a few days disappeared instantly. I parked in the sun the whole day today with interior temps reaching the high 90s but the noise has not returned. | 10. Juni 2013

@Robert22 - "The fan noise is distinct from the hard drive...."

There is no spinning hard drive. They use flash memory for storage (i.e. it's silent).

Carmine | 10. Juni 2013

No fan noise from Dec thru April. May it began for no apparent reason. 4.5 downloaded 2 weeks ago without any change. Haven't tried pulling the #51 fuse yet.

Carmine | 10. Juni 2013

Oops, missed "re-release" 4.5.

Tee | 10. Juni 2013

So for those with with no noise and those who did the fuse pull, when sitting in the car with everything off, is your MS completely silent? I am getting this slight electrical hum coming from behind the touchscreen and don't know if that is the same as your fan noise. I pulled the fuse and the sound is still there.

RedShift | 10. Juni 2013


That's the fan noise. For me too, it didn't go away after fuse pull (tried to times).

We just have to wait for next firmware release according to service rep I talked to.

Bob W | 10. Juni 2013

Running 4.5(1.33.48). I had not noticed the fan noise until I finally turned off the climate control and everything else. I also pulled fuse 51 (the 20A yellow one nearest the windshield, fuse box 2), waited about 40 seconds, the fan noise is still there. Do you have to wait the full 60 seconds? I also tried rebooting both screens, power-off, leave car, lock it; nothing made it go away.

The noise really doesn't bother me, but the extra battery drain does.

RDoherty | 15. Juni 2013

Got this one today, after one day of ownership, loud fan behind the display. In fact, it's loud enough to hear it outside the car.

I also tried the fuse pull, 60 seconds, with no improvement.

I have Software 4.5 v1.33.48

Aleksandyr | 18. Juni 2013

i also have the fan noise after upgrade to 4.5. Since I read this thread it was very obvious and now is annoying. I pulled fuse 51 and sat in the car, no noise. replaced the fuse and it seemed better for a short time, but was right back in no time. anyother recommendations?

RedShift | 18. Juni 2013


As of now there is no solution according to Fremont service center. We just have to hope for a fix in the next release of the firmware.

That said, yeah, the noise *is* becoming quite annoying nowadays.

Steinwand | 18. Juni 2013

My fan noise if defiantly in the A/C compressor. I've been getting it for the last month or so. When I hear it I turn off the a/c and it goes away. Will have to have it checked soon.

kjo | 22. Juni 2013

I've got it too, just recently started when the heat here in TX got really bad (just a few weeks ago). My energy consumption graph shoots up like crazy when that fan is running.....other than that it so doesn't bug me much, but it bugs my husband so I should get it looked at.

hpatelmd | 25. Juni 2013

Anthony at the Marietta service center suggested the following: Turn climate control off, then power down the car, just for a couple of seconds. Turn car back on, you should have no fan noise on re-starting climate control. (If you just turn car off with AC still on, does not work)

I have tried this twice, worked each time.

He also said there was no software fix out yet for this known problem, but the above steps seem to work.

brookbot | 27. Juni 2013

I tried this at the SD service center as well. We pulled the fuse and it stopped. But when I went to leave, the fan was running again.

v4.5 rev1.33.48

I hear that others have rev1.33.51. How do you get that?

Alex K | 28. Juni 2013

@brookbot | JUNE 27, 2013: I hear that others have rev1.33.51. How do you get that?

I believe the latest version is 1.33.54 and you just have to wait for it to arrive. Or you could call Tesla and have them push it to you. They usually do that when you take it in for service.

Bob W | 24. Juli 2013

The fan noise finally seems to have fixed by an install of 4.5 (1.33.61) last night. One can confirm this by tapping Controls -> E-Brake and Power Off -> Power Off -> Power Off, and the cabin becomes totally silent, like it use to be before the first version of 4.5 was installed.

THANK YOU Tesla Software Engineers!

RedShift | 24. Juli 2013

Yes, I commented in my own thread about this. Noise is definitely gone after latest update yesterday.