Planning a Trip from San Rafael, CA to Portland.

Planning a Trip from San Rafael, CA to Portland.

Driving to Seattle in August. Trying to figure out how to charge up in the vast high-speed charger wasteland along 5 up to Portland. After that it is a breeze with the new SCs in Washington State. I figure we can get from our house to Redding on an extended range charge. Any suggestions for 70amp chargers along 5 North of Redding? I know there are some Roadster chargers up there. Has anyone done a trip up to Portland from the Bay Area?

Brian H | 22. Juli 2013

Way up north ...♫

mvannah | 22. Juli 2013

I'm planning on making a trip up to Canada in August. Chad Schwitters Tesla Highway map ( is the best resource I've found for finding the Roadster 70A stops if you get the roadster charging adapter. I was hoping for a CHAdeMO adapter or a couple of surprise superchargers (go Woodburn!), but I doubt they will arrive in time for my voyage.

ThorensP | 22. Juli 2013

Thanks, mvannah. Very helpful.

niteflite | 24. Juli 2013

I'm also making my way to Canada in August (from the East Bay)…plotting charge strategy now--will be easier with Centralia added!