Port St. Lucie Supercharger News

Port St. Lucie Supercharger News

And then they get it wrong at the end and say other EVs will be able to plug in with an adapter.

Anyone notice that most stories have at least ONE major error?

shop | 24. Juli 2013

You mean news stories in general have at least ONE major error? Yep, so true. If you know a lot about the underlying story, then reading newspaper articles or watching TV news is rather alarming. All stories are done on a deadline.

Nice long TV segment though - I'll bet that will get a lot of people looking at the Model S in that area. Tesla is doing a good job of getting free local news coverage with every single supercharger they bring on-line. Very impressive.

lolachampcar | 25. Juli 2013

I was there...... It was soooooo good to see about 40 Teslas in one place in the wild without being in California!

On the subject of the error, I got one of the questions that has been nagging me answered. Apparently the SC uses the the two conductors normally used by the 1772 AC interface as CAN (Controller Area Network or Car Area Network depending on who you are talking to) communication interface between the car and the SC. There is an authentication process to prevent anything but a Tesla from programming the Voltage or Current limits (turning the SC on).

lolachampcar | 25. Juli 2013

You know, Tesla had their communications people there. I would not be surprised to find out that Tesla is working on an adaptor to allow SCs to do 1772 DC charging. The news people may be out ahead of us on this one.

Docrob | 25. Juli 2013

What possible reason would Tesla have for opening up superchargers to any EV when we are already seeing queues and the need for more SC at existing stations, there is no facilities to charge non Tesla users and the main point of superchargers is as a fringe benefit to sway you in favor of a Tesla over the other options? It seems to be completely counterproductive to Tesla's goals in the supercharger rollout to open them up to other EVs. I have three theories about the comment, one is they just plain got it wrong, second they may have misinterpreted a comment about a coming Chademo adapter so that the Model S could use other DC fast chargers as well as SC's, or they misinterpreted a comment about an adapter so that the roadster can use the supercharger which strictly speaking would be an adapter for cars other then the Model S.

J.T. | 25. Juli 2013

My sense is that Tesla (Elon) isn't as concerned about supporting Tesla as supporting the spread of EVs. As to the fringe benefit, yes, they are to sway you in favor of other options as long as those other options run on petroleum.
I harken back to that great, yet unknown, philosopher, my kindergarten teacher Mrs. McGraff, who said, "Share, share. That's fair.!"

Docrob | 25. Juli 2013

Tesla is not Elon, Tesla is a publically traded company owned by it's shareholders including Elon. Elon is free to be charitable to his competitors with his own money if he chooses, but his shareholders and the SEC may have something to say if he is charitable with his shareholders money to the direct detriment of the company.

tobi_ger | 25. Juli 2013

IMO *if* (highly hypothetically) something like non-Tesla access to SCs were granted to other EV's, it would not be a "freebie", but e.g. a licensing deal with the other car vendor. However, I do agree that it currently wouldn't make any existing MS out there any happier (potentially more waiting).

bob | 25. Juli 2013

As a former financial analyst who has watched the decline of preditory capitalism, I care less and less about the short term effects of policy on "shareholder value". Our childish quarter by quarter view is our greatest impedement in implementing real change in our society. Allowing other manufactures "under license" to use the supercharger network would be a coup for Tesla and is one more nail in the coffin of big oil. I say go forward with it. If Daimler were smart they would be talking with Elon right now about a Mercedes luxury model with a model S drivetrain. This would smooth demand and bring on the reputation and prestige of the worlds oldest and respected auto builder.

lolachampcar | 25. Juli 2013

Bob nailed it.
By the time anything is done, the country will be littered with SCs.

SamO | 25. Juli 2013

Elon has talked repeatedly about sharing the Superchargers with other manufacturers for a fee. If any other carmaker wants to use Superchargers (either through a power system designed by Tesla or through an adaptor) Elon will extract his pound of flesh.

He is not going to charger owners of MS60s $2000 for access and then give it for free to the BMWi or Nissan Leaf.

nickjhowe | 25. Juli 2013

My guess is that they'd collect it as a tariff on the back end - the SC knows what is plugged into it, so rather than providing end user payment mechanisms they'll just get the other manufacturer to write a huge check.

SamO | 25. Juli 2013



enrico | 27. Juli 2013

Is it possible to use the supercharger stations without the supercharger module on the MS 60?

tobi_ger | 27. Juli 2013

The cars are already equipped for using SCs, but unless you have paid for that option, you will not be able to charge there.