Problems wiht New Cars

Problems wiht New Cars

Dear Guys,

First, let me say that the Signature is an incredible car and I could not be happier! Let me also say that after 5 days of ownership I have had 2 problems which would effect any J.D.Power satisfaction survey. I hope this thread will be used constructively to send a message to Tesla about "real world problems" from the Beta owners. I hope Viktor in Berlin will appreciate all the work we are doing for him (ha,ha).

#1 Today, I went to my car at 12;30 and pushed the key. The door handle "presented" itself, but it would not open. I crawled across the passenger seat and drove to the Tesla Service center. Obviously, I am fortunate that it is only 15 minutes away, particularly on the Wed before Thanksgiving. Anyway, tech person looked at it, said it needed a new part, and said they would order it...3 days, a week, who knows. At 6PM, I get a call that the part has arrived and I can have it installed Friday AM. Great service or what?

#2 My radio "fades in / fades out" almost like it was in a well. So that needs to be fixed. While I was taking care of the door handle, another new owner (3 weeks along) was sitting there about to talk about something else and he said "no problem, my wife was talked through on the phone how to fix that just delete all the settings and reenter it all." Guess I will find out on Friday.

So, there are "glitches" and I am happy to take care of them...I don't care if I am wearing rose colored glasses when I press on the accelerator and get plastered back into my seat by the acceleration or when I come home and plug it into the wall with a great big smile...what a trip it has been and only 5 days!!!!


mrspaghetti | 21. November 2012

I think you mean Volker... :)

sergiyz | 21. November 2012

yeah, the door handles seem to be a common problem.
got one of them replaced so far, sometimes doors pop on their own, seen it twice now, both times the car was stationary

Brian H | 22. November 2012

You can fix the spelling of the thread title by hovering over the Tesla logo and selecting "Edit".

colonmd | 26. Dezember 2012

I came across more defects. I agree that the car is great in performance. The trunk of the car does not close with press of button when I picked up the car. The dashboard panel glass had defect but this apparently will be looked into! The remote key hole is so small that key ring could not be threaded in. I could not use the home link as it would not pick up the signal even with new batteries in the remote. No response as yet from the service center and no help yet. I am not sure if I made the right decision in buying this car.

Chris DC | 26. Dezember 2012

I understand it must be very frustrating for new owners to experience serious issues with their brand new model S (door handles are a good example).

Consider though that such problems may be over represented on these forums. I am happy to report that in my one-week-long ownership I yet have to find any problems. Doors open as expected, handles extend when I approach the car just as promised over three years ago when I put down my deposit. (Fogging of the windshield may be an issue.)
In the beginning I had a rattle from an AC fan but that appears to be gone now (still investigating that).
Charging works great. I had the 6-50 installed today which will make life a lot easier until the HPWC arrives.
FM / HD radio is fine (some owners reported reception issues which I cannot confirm). Bluetooth works and connects to my iphone 4s just fine. Lost connection once. Hands free call quality very good.
(I am on FW 4.1). Heck even the cup holders sort of work for me.

Basically it has been a good experience so far and driving the car is just plain fun. Now if only tesla would manage to get me snow tires I would feel even better.

Hopefully this makes future owners of the model S feel more comfortable with their buying decistion. I had many concerns and reservations before. Most are laid to rest