Raleigh NC to Ellsworth ME 27 in hours

Raleigh NC to Ellsworth ME 27 in hours

So my my flight to Maine got cancelled because of a mechanical issue. Next option was two days later. So, on a whim, I decided to drive it. Stopped in Richmond VA, then Newark DE, Milford CT, Portland ME thence Ellsworth ME. All stops under an hour with supercharges, except Portand. I sayer there four hours at the Marriott while charging on their 14-50. Longest leg was Milford to Portland at 143 miles. Weather was mild, grade fine, so I had been averaging 260Wh / mile. Made it with 18 miles to spare. Now I just have to get the car home in August. Tesla, please build a SuperCharger in NH or ME!

Captain_Zap | 01. Juli 2014

Hi Rumbles. Good to see you again!

When I look at the Supercharger map, I wonder why there are so many Superchargers so close together in some parts of the East Coast, yet large gaps in other areas.

lmorelli | 02. Juli 2014

Probably because there are a ton of people in those areas. Just my guess.

Brian H | 02. Juli 2014

Or bureaucracy differs in speed of approval.

tes-s | 02. Juli 2014

When I travel to Maine, I detour to East Greenwich, RI. Was there last weekend. From East Greenwich I can make it to my mid-coast destination. Before East Greenwich was built, I stopped off at the Tesla sales location in Natick MA to use their 16kW HPWC.

The superchargers in CT are all at rest areas. Carlyle Group is in the process of rebuilding all the rest areas in the state.

Part of their bid included "green" components including supercharging. They are also putting in solar panels. As they are rebuilding the rest areas, Tesla put in the superchargers.

My only disappointment is that Tesla is not putting superchargers at all the rest areas.

I think the combination of low installation cost since there was already construction going on, EV charging required in the bid, and a private company to deal with cinched the deal.

Rumbles | 02. Juli 2014

@Captian_zap thanks for the welcome. Nice to see familiar names.

@tes-s thanks for the advise. I've gotten spoiled by the superchargers. They are almost everywhere I need them. Now not having one feels exceptional (and annoying). We've come a long way in two years!

LMB | 02. Juli 2014

(LMB spouse)

@Captain_Zap - People often comment on how close the CT Supercharger locations are to each other. The Milford SC was built first and has only two spaces on each of the two unconnected sides of the highway. I'm pretty sure it was intended as a temporary installation until the Darien rest area renovations were complete. When Darien finally opened, it had four charging spaces on each (also unconnected) side of I-95.

The Greenwich CT SC is close to Darien but on CT-15, a.k.a. the Merritt Parkway. This is a scenic route much different than I-95. It's kind of like the 5 versus the 101 in CA.

monal.pathak | 17. Juli 2014

@Rumbles -- were you in Belfast yesterday? I was completely stunned to see a Model S slinking down Main St. near the five points. Instead of honking wildly like an idiot and waving (my first inclination), I rather gamely opted to activate the "eco" mode in my Camry Hybrid.

@LBM -- CT-15 was my primary route through southern Connecticut when I used to travel between NJ and ME. Agreed it's much nicer than I-95, and more often than not it's also faster moving. That tunnel near New Haven is a surprising feature that seems to come out of nowhere.

jordanrichard | 17. Juli 2014

Rumbles, my wife and I are driving to the Raleigh area from CT, the first week of Sept.

Which SCs did you use? In my preliminary planning, I found that I can skip the Greenwich CT SC and go straight to Hamilton, NJ.