Rear floor mats delivered with my charge!

Rear floor mats delivered with my charge!

I was told that it is still hit and miss, but at least with my car (delivered Saturday), there were decent floor mats when I picked it up. The front floor mats are also of decent quality, definitely not temps. They're certainly not logo mats or Ultimats, but I am also not rushing out to replace them! Forward progress...

cgiGuy | 29. April 2013

Same here. Picked up on 25 Apr.

hpatelmd | 29. April 2013

SO you guys got rear mats included? I picked up my MS 4/15/13, had no rear mats, but did have reasonably decent front mats.

riceuguy | 29. April 2013


Jon Wray | 29. April 2013

I emailed ownership@ about how I didn't receive a rear floor mat on delivery, and Elon tweeted I could get one now. They shipped me new front and rear floor mats. The new front ones seem about the same on the top but different on the bottom (spikes instead of grid thing). I also got my parcel shelf finally. Still no ETA on better sunshades.

riceuguy | 29. April 2013

Yeah...the sunshades still suck!

rchiang | 29. April 2013

I think the floor mats sucks! my acura mdx has better onces then TM these.

riceuguy | 29. April 2013

@rchiang, it's all relative...people that got the previous iteration of the mats would find these to be a significant step up! :-) My Infiniti mats are definitely nicer, but then again, I just don't care that much as long as they are functional and aesthetically adequate.

mustangez | 02. Mai 2013

So I emailed ownership on this subject and they explained that the service centers were getting the rear mats and I can ask for one next time I go into service as long as they have stock. I was hoping for them to mail one to me, but nope. Oh well.

hnashif | 02. Mai 2013

I took my car for a service appointment on 04/16 at the Fremont SC. They replaced the curling front passenger floor mat with a new one w/spikes and installed rear floor mat. Funny thing I did not notice it until earlier today.

hnashif | 02. Mai 2013

Rear floor mat was provided for no charge or request from me as the Elon tweet was on the prior week.

scaesare | 02. Mai 2013

I've voiced my concern elsewhere regarding features being removed...I want to recognize Tesla for this action with the floor mats.

It's good to see Tesla listening to and addressing customer concern.


RD7 | 02. Mai 2013

Delivered 4/24, with rear mats. Such as they are. (Still plan to replace them if McNeil even gets their act together on these things.)

However, it was a pleasant surprise. They will certainly do for now.

rwang | 02. Mai 2013

Dang. guess we should all clog up the customer care lines and ask for rear floor mats!

olanmills | 03. Mai 2013

These are the thinner, sort of cheaper, mats, right?

riceuguy | 03. Mai 2013

I wouldn't call them premium...I would call them adequate though

oneslk | 04. Mai 2013

Delivered yesterday. Mats included. Great for free. Believe I paid $200 for Benz mats. Unfortunately, already ordered the 70 oz version from CoverKing.

jeroens | 04. Mai 2013

@oneslk: I'm sure the coverkings will much better quality wise. (have not seen the free ones but Loyds and Coverkings are top mats)

DC@Tesla | 04. Mai 2013

Car delivered today with floor mats, front and rear. Happy customer :) Glad TM really listened to customers on this one.