Reasons to Reboot Screen? Also: Tune In Tip.

Reasons to Reboot Screen? Also: Tune In Tip.

I saw a reference on here to someone who said they reboot their display while driving "all the time." I couldn't understand why you would need to, and I didn't remember learning how to do that.

Later, I was trying to listen to podcasts on TuneIn Radio (an app I use on my phone all the time). But it wasn't updating the podcasts... it kept displaying the May 24 PBS Newshour as the most recent episode. I tried all kinds of swipes, etc, and couldn't force a refresh.

Then I just guessed that holding down both scroll wheels for a few seconds might cause a reboot (makes sense based on how computers and phones reboot). Anyway, the system rebooted, and the updated podcasts were there.

So, I was wondering if anyone has found any other problems that are solved by a reboot. Now that I know how easy and safe it is to do it, I just wonder what this new knowledge will do for me.

stevencoberly | 25. Juni 2013

Yep, I did it yesterday when the web browser was refusing to load. I was worried about doing it, thinking it would lose various settings or Bluetooth connections or something, but it did not appear to forget anything. And it fixed the problem.

gt1485a | 25. Juni 2013

So far it's fixed Slackers inability to go directly to the song requested. It's worked the 3 times i've done it in the last 2 days.

hademarco | 25. Juni 2013

When my 3G connection was bad, it fixed that. When my bluetooth wouldn't connect, it fixed that. When my car was glitching and and coasted instead of regen during braking, it fixed that. When my Slacker radio wouldn't initiate, it fixed that. When my backup camera was glitching and became blank going in reverse, it fixed that too.

TESLA168 | 05. Dezember 2014

I just noticed the stale podcast on tunein radio too. Is there no other fix than a reboot? Thought it should be a simple fix and it's almost 2015 now

SCCRENDO | 06. Dezember 2014

A reboot is a simple fix. Do it after each update or when the screen is acting up. It's not a big deal even if you do it while driving. Certainly scares the passengers.

gwpotter | 06. Dezember 2014

iPhone App started having trouble connecting, reboot solved that.

sule | 06. Dezember 2014

Just be careful as to which reboot you are doing. You don't want to do the other one while driving...

Haggy | 06. Dezember 2014

I did it two days ago when the map on the big screen wouldn't show traffic or route information while the navigator was on and both were selected. The only side effect that affected my driving was that when I signaled a turn, I heard nothing and saw no indicator. I assume that the turn signals were on anyway and didn't expect to see any indication on a blank screen but I did expect to hear the clicking.

ElectricSteve | 06. Dezember 2014

I had to reboot the center screen twice because it would not connect to 3G after losing the WiFi connection in my garage.

Normally when i drive away from home, it loses WiFi as soon as i drive onto the street. Normally, it takes between 30 to 120 seconds for the car to pick up 3G.
On these two occasions, 3G never came. A reboot made it work again.

@ Sule,
Both screens can be rebooted while driving. Did so already just to try it out. Seeying the screen directly in front go black for a while is a bit wierd though...
The drive electronics are separate from all other systems and cannot be rebooted. Just like in any other modern car so don't worry.

Brian H | 06. Dezember 2014

RWFI Catchall motto I invented a couple of years ago when the MS was new to everyone.