Recharge Model S in Europe

Recharge Model S in Europe

I plan to buy a Model S in 2014 but there's something I need to clarify.

On your site, the Tesla High Power Wall Connector can go up to 100A/250V to be able to charge the 85KWh car within 4 hours.

The problem is that in Belgium or in France and other Europe's countries, we can only have a maximum of 32A for a domestic phase.

How will we be able to do ?

Thx a lot

Volker.Berlin | 04. Dezember 2012

Romalian, the European model will support 3-phase charging. You won't need to install a "Tesla High Power Wall Connector". A regular 32A 3-phase wall socket will do, and gives you up to 22kW, i.e., the Model S *should* be able to charge in 4-5 hours from empty to full. I emphasize *should* because we have yet to see a Model S with 3-phase support, and Tesla themselves did not yet publish any numbers with regard to that feature.

All other options would work for you, too, only that charging will be slower: 16A 3-phase would offer ~11kW, and your average wall socket with 16A single phase at 220V-240V will offer ~3.6kW.

Jolinar | 04. Dezember 2012

Yea, I already heard that about 3-phase, but I am quite disappointed about their communicating charging features (CHAdeMO is quite popular here) and other stuff for EU market :-(

Even EU pages of doesn't include same information as US version :( I hope it will be changed soon - maybe with price anouncement.

Timo | 04. Dezember 2012

Three phase in Europe is 400V so amps don't need to be as high to get same power. Also 32A is not max for domestic here, it just costs a bit more to get higher amps: looks like it costs about 10kEUR to get 200A in Helsinki, Finland, and that's not the max you can get. I don't think it is max for you either, check your local distributor what it would cost to upgrade to higher amps (like 50A or 63A main fuses).

KnutNorway | 04. Dezember 2012

Jolinar: Tesla reprsentatives at the store in Oslo says the European model S will support CHAdeMO but they do not know how the solution will be yet. I also hope for more information on this soon.

Jolinar | 04. Dezember 2012

KnutNorway: this is the best news for today. You've put a big smile on my face :)
The nearest Tesla store is more than 700km away for me :-(

Romalian | 05. Dezember 2012

KnutNorway, this is good news.

If Tesla Model S can accept TriPhase charge and CHAdeMO Plug in Europe, i'll buy it ;)