Has anyone else been given the runaround about regarding their refund.

I have been waiting close to 30 days now and still have not recieved my refund. I was told in January it would be 7-10 days, then I was told I woudl recieve it today February 11th and now "they are looking into it".

It shoudln't be taking this long.

BarryQ | 12. Februar 2013

I got a refund in about 2 weeks. I ordered 2 Teslas, then cancelled one

rdyrd | 14. Februar 2013

For me it's been almost a month, and no ETA on when I should expect it, just that it is delayed and they are looking into it.

kkiri7 | 19. Februar 2013


Noticed this thread had gone quiet.
Did you receive your refund?

bens-tech-toys | 23. Februar 2013

I ordered 2 different reservations (standard & signature) and received standard refund (credit card reservation) within a few days time.

bplumb99 | 28. Februar 2013

I requested a refund about 3 weeks ago and have not received the credit as of yet. Cash flow problems?????

Vawlkus | 28. Februar 2013

No, more likely administrative delays. Call in, that generally gets the ball rolling again.

kkiri7 | 02. März 2013

A colleague who cancelled said it took more than 30 days for his refund to be processed by Tesla.
He was initially told 10-15 days, but it took much longer, plus 3 more days for the credit to appear in his account.
So I would not worry if its only been 3 weeks or so - you WILL get your money back from Tesla.
Hope this allays any concerns some may have.

Tess Lasux | 05. März 2013

The "runaround" is an understatement. I asked for a refund nearly a month ago, and they have delayed the process at every step of the way. There is NO EXCUSE. I put the deposit on my AmEx card, which generally takes TWO TO THREE DAYS to process a refund. Tesla said it would take THREE WEEKS, PLUS up to 30 more days for the credit card company (AmEx says it takes 24-48 HOURS). Is it really any wonder why Tesla takes so long? They are using my money to finance their operations at zero percent interest. They are facing a liquidity problem which was made worse by the NYT article. Now, they are acting in bad faith. They do the same thing with the configurations. They ask you to configure the car before they are ready to begin building it so that the refund becomes non-refundable. They never make a COMMITMENT to their customer- not for the refund, not for delivery of the car, nothing. Class action anyone?

Vawlkus | 06. März 2013


Pungoteague_Dave | 06. März 2013

Grow up

exPGAhacker | 06. März 2013

Sounds like you should have just bought the car! Haha! If the $5,000 is THAT important to you, you probably shouldn't have made the deposit.

Vawlkus | 06. März 2013

Take your own advice Dave.

BarryInBoulder | 06. März 2013

I requested a refund for my MX reservation about 3 weeks ago. One of the saddest days of my life. I canceled for personal financial reasons, not because of any lack of faith in Tesla -- quite the opposite. As co-owner of a semi-high tech startup, the money comes and goes, and I was without a paycheck for much longer than anticipated, and worrying about making mortgage payments.
After 12 out of the 15 business days that TM advises you the process may take, I sent an email asking if things were still going smoothly. TM got back to me, said they would expedite the process, and two days later the check arrived by FedEx.
I think that qualifies as good service. No company is going to break a leg to speed up the refund process -- there's not much point other than good PR with those who have stated they don't want to be your customer any more.
It looks like I'll be financially healthy in a matter of months, at which point I fully intend to reinstate my reservation. TM has expanded 10-fold in the past year. There are going to be growing pains, especially in customer service. But they continue to figure things out.

Brian H | 06. März 2013

Or more.

kkiri7 | 10. März 2013

Tess Lasux,

As I mentioned earlier, you WILL get your refund.
Yes, it is taking rather longer than it should (in my colleague's case, 30 days plus 3 to post to his account).

"Class action"? - no attorney would even consider that.

If you want to make some money, instead of class actions, simply invest your refund in some Tesla shares (TSLA) - then relax and wait.