Rental car issues

Rental car issues

Took delivery of my MS (85) in March and have been working hard to break myself of several habits; for example, reaching in my pocket for the keys, locking the car after parking, etc. Finally I'm able to walk up to my car, open the door, get in, grin and drive away without thinking too much about keys, etc. So this week I'm just finishing up a week-long trip that required me to rent a car. What a shock! I don't think I had quite appreciated the MS technology until I was required to drive this rental for a week. I stayed actively angry much of the time, frustrated at slow acceleration, noise, vibration, stops for gas, etc. Most of the time I'd get in the car, fasten the seat belt, and only then remember to reach in my pocket for the key. There's really nothing wrong with the rental, except in comparison with the MS. It's a mid-market Ford SUV, so maybe I'm expecting too much, even so ...

Sudre_ | 20. Mai 2013

Tell me about it. I am in Pagosa Springs, CO with a rental. I keep complaining about how demanding this car is. I mean come on... I actually have to shut the thing off after I am done driving. Why else would I put the car in park and walk away.... lol

The worst part is I don't even bother trying to pass. I step on the gas pedal and I get a lot noise and don't really go anywhere.

Charged_Up | 20. Mai 2013

After five months with Model S, my favorite rental experience is twice unintentionally leaving the car running and walking away only to realize that you can't do that with a gas car! hard habit to break :-)

eltonf | 20. Mai 2013

@Charged_Up I too have walked away from my rental with the motor running. On one occasion I left the car running for about 10 minutes before realizing the key wasn't in my pocket.

rchiang | 20. Mai 2013

I feel you're pain dude! I was also pissed and frustrated as well. I thought we were going to get another tesla for loaner car but ended up with enterprise Honda civic probable less then 100hp. Struggling to just keep up on the hwy scared that bigger car would run me over. And the shitty thing is you must fill the dam car with gas before you bring it back. Thought I would buy an electric car here so I didn't have to deal with gas any more! What the crap! LOL

Duffer | 20. Mai 2013

rchiang - my rental was not a loaner but one I had to have on an out-of-town trip. I can imagine your frustration if you took your MS in for service and had to put up with a Honda Civic for a loaner -- beats walking, but just barely.

negarholger | 20. Mai 2013

Guys when you have to rent a car out of town or so simply ask for a Tesla. Sure they don't have one or they can get one for you for $25 an hour ( that is too expensive - treat as a non exotic car ). Once we are asking they might start thinking that there is a market out there.