Reservation for Model S

Reservation for Model S

Hey everyone,

My time is coming up to design an order my Model S but I am considering keeping my current car. I was just curious if there was any interest from someone on here to buy my spot on here so you can receive a Model S sooner than your current spot.

Enjoy your weekend....

Runar | 09. März 2013

Only way to do this is to sell the car afterwards, can sell reservation

sethvandermeer | 09. März 2013

But how would Tesla know? In your profile you can change name, address, everything actually. And when the MVPA arrives it will be in the name of the one on profile, right? Not that I am interested, I think my car will arrive before the end of the year in The Netherlands ;-)

GeirT | 09. März 2013


gpu | 11. März 2013

Hi skirby015, I'd be interested in taking the reservation off your hands if you've changed your mind.