Reservation, models and timing for Tesla S in Canada

Reservation, models and timing for Tesla S in Canada

Hi all,

I've been following Tesla for years now. Very impressed. I can't really affort the Roadster and I need 4 seats, so TESLA S is the way to go for me. I am really interested.

Looking at start of production, reservation tally and costs I am a little puzzled:

1 - Given the current reservation Tally, when would I most likely get a car here in Canada if I reserve today? They say late 2012 start of prodution with delay of 3 months for Canada, but what is the production rate? I lease cars today and I need to renew it now. I need to time it right, meaning which term I take for the next car...
2 - I would most likely go for a fully loaded model, but I can't justify the 40000 CAD reservation for the signature. Can I reserve a regular model and once contacted for signing the contract opt for the same extras? Is the signature nothing more than a prepackaged priority delivery?
3 - Will there be leasing available in Canada for the Tesla S? Any details?
4 - When will we have pricing release for Canada?



Straight Shooter | 28. April 2011

1. Your battery size determines which production group you end up in. 300mile will be done 1st followed by 240 and then 160. Signatures all have 300 mile batteries, so they are done 1st. Production will start slowly and ramp up quickly to about 20,000 units a year. Production is to srart sometime in Q2 or 2012, but that might be delayed a month or two.

2. Upgrading, to queue jump, would not be possible. Once the last Signature rolls off the line, no one can get one. The limited options available for just Signatures have not been announced yet, but they do exist. Get the 300 mile battery and you'll jump as far to the front of the line as you can right now. You are WAY late in the game to expect peferential treatment, so taking a 300mile battery is your best bet.

3. Contact your closest Tesla dealer/office about leasing. Leasing will still qualify you for part of the $8500 credit if you live in Ontario

4. No firm pricing has been released of any kind, expecially for options which still arent't finalized. The US pricing is $57k for 160mile; $67k for 240mile and $77k for 300mile. Pricing in Canada should not be higher, as the CDN$ is currently 4cents better than the US$. But then again anythign can happen

There are MANY MANY threads on these boards. Read them. They'll have much more detail of these topics.

William13 | 28. April 2011

I think Canadians have a special lower price for reserving the Signature. Check into it.

clea | 29. April 2011

I don't think it is still in effect because that was a one time deal for those that had already made their reservations before they were offering the signature option to canadians.

cablechewer | 29. April 2011

Yes the switch to Signature Series had an expiry date on it. I called them to make the switch a couple days before the deadline. As far as I know anyone wanting the Signature now will have to pay the full $40K deposit. People that signed up under the special offer will have to provide the balance of the $40k a few months before delivery.

The Signature is supposed to have a couple of unique options that won't be available on the regular series car.

The only thing I don't know about from Straight Shooter's post is the leasing option. There was another thread on leasing that you will want to look up. I haven't seen any official statements from Tesla, but I have the impression they favour straight sales over leasing - especially with the first cars off the line.