Scotchguard Paint Protection Film

Scotchguard Paint Protection Film

The Design Studio shows this as a $950 option. Does anyone have experience with this product on another vehicle? I am curious to know how effective it is, and the extent to which it affects the look of the car.

jerry3 | 03. Juni 2012
Volker.Berlin | 03. Juni 2012

From that thread at TMC -- here's 3M's FAQ for the product:

And here's a schema of the paint armor offered for the Model S:

bfudge | 03. Juni 2012

I use 3M on all my cars (NSX, Leaf, Prius) - great product- worth the money. I will be adding it to my sig #685.

olanmills | 03. Juni 2012

I was planning on getting something like this just for the plastic "grill" (nose), but I don't want to get the whole thing unless it's truly unnoticeable. I won't like it if you can see a line where it stopped.

jerry3 | 03. Juni 2012

There are pictures here, and you can see the line although when new you have to look closely. According to those who have it, you have to be careful when waxing or you can really see it.

hwye81k | 03. Juni 2012

Jerry3, per your waxing statement. I wonder if getting the pearl
white paint would be the best choice then. Any idea?

Slindell | 03. Juni 2012

I'm not going to put vinyl on my car unless it covers the entire car, and comes in some funky colors. Tiger stripes, anyone?

dborn | 03. Juni 2012

Can a similar aftermarket job which includes general paint protection, glass treatment and leather protection for under 1400 in Sydney Australia. You may well be better off getting an aftermarket treatment using the identical film!! Get some quotes in advance of placing your order!

dborn | 03. Juni 2012

can "GET" tsk - no editing!!

Crow | 04. Juni 2012

A soft toothbrush works on the lines after a waxing if you get some wax in the crease. It's better not to get it in there though.

David M. | 04. Juni 2012

I've had this product applied to two cars previously. It is very effective against damage to the front bumper, side mirrors, and hood from insects, and small flying debris on the highway that would otherwise chip your paint.

If you look closely, you will see a line at the edge of the film going across the front hood. That's the only place where you would ever notice it. After 4 or 5 years, it won't yellow, but it won't be as clear as it was on day 1. Still, I would do it again to protect the paint. After 5 or 6 years, you may want to have the film reapplied. I would rather do this than have the car repainted.

I was hoping Tesla would offer this option.

jerry3 | 04. Juni 2012


- I wonder if getting the pearl white paint would be the best choice then. Any idea?

Not sure. I would sure hate for there to be a black dirt line across the hood of my pearl white car. (Silver is what I plan on getting).

steven.maes | 05. Juni 2012

It is the first time I have ever seen this protection film.
I assume it also protects the car from stone chippings? Do these chippings break the film ? Is this film "high pressure cleaner"-stable ?

dborn | 05. Juni 2012

Quite a few companies apply the film in Australia. Yes it protects against stone chips within reason. Yes, it does scratch. Even after a few years, it can be removed and replaced relatively easily, which solves the appearance deterioration problem. Applying it to door edges also will help the chipping seen when opening the doors in a confined space, which makes it quite worthwhile. It is also high pressure cleaner stable, or as stable as the original paintwork anyway.

steven.maes | 05. Juni 2012

Thx, I might consider it.

Schlermie | 16. Juli 2012

I posted some high resolution photos illustrating the edge of paint armor
on the Blue and Pearl White vehicles if anyone is interested. The blue model is outside on a day when the sunshine was excessively brilliant. The white model is parked indoors and shaded, but receiving indirect natural light from a nearby open bay door.

Ohms.Law | 17. Juli 2012

Thanks Schlermie. Was your conclusion that the film was less visible on the blue than the white?

Schlermie | 17. Juli 2012

I was more interested in how the film looked on the blue, so I didn't study the white car very closely; however, I've heard from multiple sources, including a Tesla employee, that the film is slightly more visible on the white paint. I would have no misgivings about purchasing the paint armor for one of the darker paints. I heard someone else from the latest test drive event comment they REALLY did not like how it looked on white. I recommend checking it out in person.

Roblab | 17. Juli 2012

Paint armour is also made 60 inches wide, so it is possible to get the entire hood covered, with no seams. Some have asked Tesla about this, but it seems the half hood is what has been set up. You can get any paint armor dealer (they are in just about every city that has a car dealership) to quote you for full hood installation. It is about the same price that Tesla quotes, anyway. I would not doubt that Tesla sends the car to the local dealer for their installations, which is what most car dealers do.