This should have been in the SuperBowl.... ;)

This should have been in the SuperBowl.... ;)

This "commercial" would have been great last Sunday!

ian | 07. Februar 2013

Wow. Well done. I agree that would be a great ad.

Stretching a bit with the statement about "no longer taking from the Earth" though considering all the raw materials it takes to produce an electric car.

Thanks for sharing!

ian | 07. Februar 2013

Oh I should add that, no, it shouldn't have been in the Superbowl, not if Tesla had to pay the $7 million that a one minute add would have cost! ;-)

It's a great ad but Tesla doesn't need to be spending that much on advertising.

Superliner | 07. Februar 2013

As has been posted in another thread "It's Over"! What a GREAT ad. We will never drive the same way again.

olanmills | 07. Februar 2013

Pretty cool, but I don't like the touching the coor handle part. Now with the update, he shoot make a new director's cut version lol.

lightly | 08. Februar 2013

I agree. I had posted months ago that Tesla should run a Superbowl ad. $7 million to expose their still highly unknown product to 108 million people all in 30 seconds is a bargain. And that doesn't count the millions who watch the ads on the web the day after or all the news shows that preview the ads the day before.

I'm a business owner who understands the power of mass market advertising.
Tesla is spending money on new stores and the easiest way to get people into those stores is through advertising.

Even after Tesla has won all these awards they are still largely unknown by the general public. I am constantly telling people about my Tesla and most of them have never heard of it even though we live 20 minutes away from a store.

Hey Joe Flacco you just won the Super Bowl what are you doing know......I'm going to drive my Tesla to Disney World! Lol

Joshua Burstyn | 08. Februar 2013

V. impressive. :)

Brian H | 08. Februar 2013

No way Tesla wants that much attention. It's getting all the orders it can handle, and is moving into Europe in a big way. Orders from there are now at the same daily rate as American ones. Blabbermouth owners are generating plenty of orders just now, thank you! And the number of new blabbermouth owners is increasing by thousands a month!

Epley | 08. Februar 2013

I'm happy to keep blabbing. It's an amazing car!

Brian H | 08. Februar 2013

Don't blab, blabber! (I think there's a difference. ;) )