Show N Go Motorized Front License Plate

Show N Go Motorized Front License Plate

Anyone install the motorized Show N Go front license plate on their Model S yet? Love to hear what you think and whether it is practical for the car. I am considering it, but still have a few months before I must add plates.

Show N Go video:

This guy finally installed one (ICE car) after 7-8 tickets.

GoTeslaChicago | 24. Januar 2013

I think that was hilarious!! Front and back versions could be useful for bank robbers too!

TeslaLABlue | 24. Januar 2013

I have been thinking about the option. Is there a place under the S to mount it?

Brian H | 24. Januar 2013

If the cop is tech-savvy, he can reach under and put a slug in the "show" motor, so it will stay up. ;)

steve6691 | 27. März 2013

Nice option. I wonder if the motor will work if there is snow and ice on the road. Could freeze up in some parts of the country.

mlaiken | 27. März 2013

Love this idea. Very cool. Would like to hear if anyone has mounted this on a MS. I got mine earlier this month so still have a few months till plates have to be out on so hopefully someone will install this and explain if it was an easy process to install.

mcx-sea | 27. März 2013

When our elected leaders in Washington State learned about motorized plates, they suspended their endless bickering and posturing just long enough to quickly make their use illegal, and subject to a heavy fine.

Warning! This could quickly spread to other states and wipe out your investment.

olanmills | 27. März 2013

I'm in WA. I hadn't heard of that before. Why should it be illegal? They could make it illegal to not display the plate while driving on public roads, etc, but why should it matter how it's mounted?

carlk | 27. März 2013

People should just start petitions in your respective states that require front plate. The front plate serves no useful purposes. Those red light cameras or airport video monitors all can take picture of the back plate. Imagine how much of our tax dollars can be saved by eliminate the front plate.

Captain_Zap | 27. März 2013

They made the device illegal in WA because they feared that it would be used to dupe tolling cameras. It is likely that there is a ticketing camera lobby that has concerns too.

olanmills | 27. März 2013

They should just install cameras in such a way that they will catch the rear license plate. Regardless of the law, it is known that there are lots of cars without front plates. Not attempting to capture the rear plate when a traffic violation is detected means that a certain percentage of offenders are going to get away with it. Why not just always rely on getting the back plate? I mean it doesn't seem like a hard problem. Just put the cameras in different locations.

There are already is such a petition in WA (probably more than one), and I know there's petitions in other states as well. While I signed one in WA, and I would love to see it succeed, I really think that this is such an insignificant issue that it will never seriously be considered. The majority of average citizens don't know or care. The only way I could see it becoming successful is if some group spent a lot of money campaigning to get the general public to care about it, but honestly, I don't think it's worth it, and I would not be confident in the success of such a campaign.

butwhyowhy | 17. November 2013

Bumping this thread up to see if anyone has installed the motorized version on the Model S?

2050project | 18. November 2013

I like all these options for front license plate installs:

BTW, I also like this rear license plate frame with collision avoidance:

butwhyowhy | 18. November 2013

Yes... looks like the J-hooks or zip ties are the best options. I like the idea of the motorized but installation is a bit over my head.