Has anyone heard of any solutions to transportation of skis or snowboards for the Model X lately ?

eric.zucker | 24. Juli 2015

I speculate there may be room under the seats for a ski bag - some photos of the insides on the Web seem to show decent space under the second row seats.

Another possibility would be a magnetic or suction cup system on the roof, with rear entry/exit restricted to one side at a time.

One could also create a ski holder on the trailer hitch (as exists for bicycles).

I'm very trustful that Tesla has thought about it - California is the Holy Land of surfboards... :-)


- MX sequence 3276 - the wait can't be much longer now ...

enricobender | 24. Juli 2015

Thank you Eric, appreciate your thoughts. You're right, Tesla is unlikely to make an SUV without giving this some thought.

rlwrw | 24. Juli 2015

When the Falcon doors are open, there does appear to be enough room to hold skis with a very low profile ski rack on the door itself. I don't know about snowboards and surfboards as they are likely to be curved.

ken | 24. Juli 2015

enricobender | JULY 24, 2015,
I would think that the suction cup ski racks would do the job. I just recently saw an advertisement for those (don't remember the name of the manufacturer) but they are suppose to hold at very high rates of speed. It appears that there would be room to use them on the MX.

vandacca | 24. Juli 2015

The biggest problem with having skis on the roof isn't how to attach the rack, but rather how to place the skis on the rack. Normally, when using a ski rack, you open the back doors and step up to store/retrieve the skis. I think it would be most difficult to reach the rack with the falcon doors unless you happen to be 6'4" or higher.

vperl | 24. Juli 2015

Not a problem, gunna hook the ski on the back of the 30 trailer I will be towing with my MX uphill to ski. | 24. Juli 2015

@Dan: easy-peasy. One simply dons a special lift harness that hooks on to the operating FW door handle. The door will lift you up on top of the roof where you will have access to the skis on the other side of the roof. This requires putting the door in ski-retrieval mode. With skis in hand you then activate the door to close and thus lower you and skis to the ground.

A development that was scuttled was the explosive ski release mechanism because of danger to passing cyclists.

(Sorry, couldn't resist an attempt at humor (humour?) or an attempt at sorry humor?)

vandacca | 24. Juli 2015

:) George, is that patent # 319827 for you? ;) Like your humour!

Realistically, I think you'll need to mount the skis/snowboard to a hitch-rack, like this one:

ken | 25. Juli 2015

enricobender | JULY 24, 2015, also if you don't want to do the Thule, there is always the Cargo Master carriers that also fit in the trailer hitch that holds up to 500 lbs and can very easily be modified for skis, bikes, etc. Just purchased one from Harbor Freight for my Escalade for about $50. My guess is that Tesla will have a solution to this when the MX is released.