Smartcar - "Nest for your Tesla"

Smartcar - "Nest for your Tesla"

Hey everyone! I launched the Tesla for Glass app last year and there was incredible excitement. (Over 220 of you folks using the wearable app currently.)

Today, I'm launching Smartcar. It's a self-learning platform for your Model S.

1) Smartcar’s Intelligent Climate technology learns a your driving habits and automatically pre-conditions their vehicle to the perfect temperature before you even get into it by anticipating your next commute.

2) The Intelligent Charging feature helps cut utility bills by as much as 75%* by analyzing local electric rates and automatically delaying charging until off-peak hours. (Number based off PG&E rates in SF Bay Area.)

More details here

I'd love your comments, thoughts, and ideas!

RedShift | 03. März 2014

The off peak charging is already part of Tesla's software. Ability to precondition the temp is nice, but that's also possible by manually turning on the climate from the remote app.

Not seeing the value, personally.

sahaskatta | 03. März 2014

@RedShift -- The Intelligent Charging goes way beyond the existing simple "start-time" feature. With the data I'm already testing, I found that I can provide a LOT more value that what Tesla offers.

1) The peak and off-peak hours change for many electric providers, such as PG&E in the SF Bay Area, for Weekends vs Weekdays. We can begin charging earlier whenever possible by continuously fetching these rates.

2) For instance if you use the built-in delay and set it to 11 PM, it won't begin charging until then even if you may need more range for the rest of the day. We've found a way to solve that and can even initiate charging during partial-peak-hours when necessary.

3) We can determine with a high confidence at what time you need that range and work backwards to ensure the car begins charging with enough time to spare.

4) We can predict how much range is needed for your day. That means we dynamically can adjust the charge limit up/down based on your expected driving patterns.

5) After surveying a good number of Tesla owners, I found that most hadn't done the research to find when their off-peak hours. This simplifies even that at the very minimum.

I hope that helps clarify things further. It's hard to explain everything in a simple marketing webpage.

Burt Court | 03. März 2014

Glad you spelled it that way, because my other car is a smart car. | 03. März 2014

Oh, OK. Not just a smart car, but a smart™ car. Got it.

Sweetride | 03. März 2014

Agree with Redsift. Tesla already does the hard part and the extra value add doesn't amount to much in my view.

Sweetride | 03. März 2014

Make that Redshift...

ColtsMild.on.can | 03. März 2014

@sahaskatta - I'm interested in these features so bring it on! I live near Toronto and we have On Peak/Mid Peak/Off Peak hours and weekends are Off Peak - so I usually have to force a charge some point during the day if I need the range during the evening hours; especially in the cold winter months. Would be nice if the car just knew it was the weekend and if I plug it in then it starts charging. Would also be cool if you could add the features of preheating the battery before I leave for work. I know that Visible Tesla can do some of this but while you are adding features you could look into this one too.