Southern California Edison Plans

Southern California Edison Plans

Just curious for those in Southern California Edison if you went the combined House+EV route or the separate EV meter?

We're pushing $330/month in electric already and I'm going to shift my pool pumps to the night and see if I can get our tiers down to stay with the House+EV route with a single meter.

I'm also debating vs. future proof when we have 2 EV cars (S and X). One advantage of the separate meter is we'd know exactly how much we're spending on electric for the cars.

gary.greene | 17. Januar 2013

I consulted with Edison about all this and determined for me that it was better not to create a separate meter for the Model S, charge between 12 - 6 am (I'll probably plug in around 11 pm before going to bed), and pay the standard rate per minute.

djy | 18. Januar 2013

Have you tried using SCE's online Plug-In Car Rate Assistant Tool?

You plug in some basic usage info and it spits out the best plan for your situation. I was surprised, I thought I would be better off with the Home+EV option but for me, turns out the dedicated EV meter would save me more.

bbmertz | 18. Januar 2013

I am switching to the single-meter House+EV time of use plan effective 1/22. As you mentioned, this plan offers a low rate during super off-peak hours between 12-6 am, however I am concerned about the extremely high Tier 2 peak usage rate of nearly $0.70 per kWh from 10am - 6pm on weekdays during the summer. If I am not successful in convincing my family to go easy on using the AC and appliances during the day in he summer, I may have to switch back to the standard residential plan to avoid handing over my entire paycheck to SCE, noting that you can only switch plans once every 12 months.

bbmertz | 18. Januar 2013

I've also heard that it could cost $1000 - $3000 to install a separate meter, in which case it may be worth considering the installation of solar panels.

ziggy | 18. Januar 2013

Such gamesmanship from SCE, they are acting more like Casino operators everyday. I just don't trust them. I even thought of perhaps buy a natural gas generator dedicated to my future Tesla. I don't live in a place where Solar is a good option (to many trees). I have the distinct feeling that as we become more dependent on SCE (and other electric companies) they will have raise their prices to narrow the gap between what we spend now for fuel and what we save with an EV.

qphan79 | 18. Januar 2013

According to the Southern California website, it says they will install a 2nd meter at no additional costs as long as your home can support the electrical infrastructure. Wouldn't the TOU-EV-1 rate plan be the way to go if that is the case?

JZ13 | 18. Januar 2013

I just spoke w/ SCE. They will install a 2nd meter for free but first you have to install a 2nd panel and that may cost up to $2k. They are sending me a report analyzing the costs for me between the Home+EV plan and the 2nd meter plan. I was surprised to learn that the standard plan which I am on has no off-peak rate. I am a tier 5 user meaning any more electrical usage is going to be charged at the highest rate of .36. So thanks to the OP for getting me to look at this prior to receiving my MS in the next month or two.

andex23 | 18. Januar 2013

Call solar City. They are installing panels on my house and then switching me to TOU +EV billing on a single meter. the solar will greatly offset the mid day peaks plus the charging. my bill will go from roughly $330 using tiers down to around $30 with 4.2kw and the TOU (based on solar city estimate). I did the pre-pay option to get the best rate, (8.9c/kwh).

garyrudolph | 18. Januar 2013

Hmm, didn't know you can only change your plan once per 12 months. Solar is really not something I want to do on this particular house or it would be great.

With our pool it doesn't look I have room for 2 100 Amp breakers for 2 cars (if I'm going to install it I'll pay now to get both installed). So, I may go the separate meter route anyways and then run a separate panel for that... Trying to get the electrician out. If that's the case it may not matter anyways on 1 vs. 2 meters.

Hmm, the summer rate on the one meter will be trouble for me (I can hit 2,000 kWh in summer) as I often work in a home office and have the A/C on.

Brian H | 18. Januar 2013

" I often work in a home office and have the A/C on."
Business tax write-off, anyways. Partial offset.

garyrudolph | 23. Januar 2013

Well, after looking at TOU-D-TEV with the single meter it doesn't make sense for me. I'm almost immediately into Tier 2 just by warming up breakfast in the microwave (in the two tier system) and it would be quite costly (especially during "summer"). So, looks like a dedicated meter with TOU-EV-1 for me.

As for the tax write off. Well, write-off or not, money not spent is (almost) always better than writing it off.

TikiMan | 23. Januar 2013

I am with SCE as well, and after choosing the TOU-EV-1 plan (no extra meter or line), I just recently decided to invest in a home solar-power system. Although we don't have a huge home, our power bills with SCE are off the charts (deregulation...go figure).

Although I am saving serious money from not having to buy gasoline for my MS, I am just WAY to concerned about the future of our rates with SCE to not be proactive about it. At this point, with the addition of the MS, I estimated the solar-power system will pay for itself in five years or less.

Chuck Lusin | 23. Januar 2013

I added a second 200A panel and a TOU-EV1 meter. My wife works nights so we need the house on the Rate D plan. Adding 12.5 CEC Watts of solar.

taz1349 | 09. Januar 2015

Important Update. As of January 2015, many EV owners are receiving letters from Southern California Edison informing us that the utility is cancelling the TOU-D-TEV rate plan. Their proposed alternatives will undermine the effectiveness of solar systems purchased by EV drivers. Why EV Owners with Solar Systems are having their investments compromised so soon and before we can recoup our investment is baffling. What is going on at the CPUC and the State of CA to allow this to happy? Please visit to become educated and to let our State representatives know about this issue!

Earl and Nagin ... | 09. Januar 2015