Sport Seats Needed...

Sport Seats Needed...

Would you like to see Tesla offer a Performance Option for great sports seats (like BMW)?

While I love the car, I'd love it even more if it had great sport seats with adjustable side bolsters in the front and contoured rear sats for (just) two adults in the rear.

Heck, the S corners like it is on rails. It needs seats to match it's handling!

Your thoughts?

rdalcanto | 17. Mai 2013

I've been saying the same thing for a month. I hope they will offer them eventually and I will order a pair for the front. Otherwise I might see if I can put some Porsche seats in the front. I don't know if the seat heater will still work though....

AlMc | 17. Mai 2013

remember there is also a sensor in the stock seats. This is part of the 'starting' process.

Dr. Bob Reinke | 17. Mai 2013

Great car; hate to say anything negative about a wonderful car. However, I agree. I miss the wrap-around form-fitting seats in my 88 Supra. Always makes me feel like I'm part of the car. Perhaps such sport seats could make me feel like Model S is part of me..

ddruz | 18. Mai 2013

I have been surprised the standard seats don't offer more of side bolster support. IMO Tesla shouldn't have to offer an option for better side bolster support. It should be standard.

My current Leaf and my prior Honda Civic Hybrid had better side bolster support. My 1994 RX7 had phenomenally better side bolster support. It is surprising to me that Tesla designed their seats like they did. Hopefully they are aware and will improve things in future cars.

Brian H | 18. Mai 2013

Better bun buckets, Blankenship! | 18. Mai 2013

This is one of the interesting challenges in producing a vehicle that, while a SUPREME touring car -- capable of flying past an M5 on the highway, can also ride on rails -- along side the best Lotus has to offer.

The Tesla Model S performance warrants -- optional, in the least -- high bolster seats.



golf4365 | 18. Mai 2013

Comparing the S to an 88 supra and 94 rx7??? Maybe you should have bought the roadster.

Coming from a Lexus LS, I think these seats are plenty sporty. Different perspective!

bilfeld | 18. November 2013

I agree about the side bolsters--I have to put my elbow against the window when turning right to keep myself from sliding out of the seat; and, when turning left I just hold on to the wheel for dear life, which makes accurate turning difficult! But, what is really killing me is lumbar support and curve of the seat being at the level of my kidneys (I'm 5' 8"), which creates a wedge without any support at the lower lumbar level. My back pain is so bad that I am considering selling at a huge financial loss. I don't have back issues, and never had a problem with car seats until now. I've tried adding back supports ($600 total, and counting), but it doesn't work well because if you add something that you sit on which provides a good angle with the back support, then my head is practically out the sun room (there isn't much head room in the Tesla). Anyone with this issue; and/or a possible solution? I don't want to sell my Tesla--I love it--but, I can't induce back pain for 3 years either...

stephen.kamichik | 19. November 2013

I once had my Datsun 280Z seats repadded and reupholstered. I suggest finding an upholsterer and having the seats redone.

carolinagobo | 19. November 2013

Buy Recaro seats, the have models even for Formula 1 | 19. November 2013


Wow. Sorry to hear that the seats aren't working at all for you.

Had my MS about two weeks now and I don't understand what the issues are with support. I guess we are all different and for some this doesn't work.

I'm 5' 11' (long torso, short legs) and I don't have any issues. Left foot normally on the foot rest, sitting square in the seat. Seat tilted for even pressure. Absolutely no sliding for any turns.

With height and depth adjustment the lumbar support should be able to be adjusted, but it sure sounds like it doesn't work for you.

jat | 19. November 2013

@BobReinke - maybe I am missing something, since I feel like the MS seats *exactly* match my 87 Supra seats. I do have early textile seats, so maybe the seats have changed. I do know the slippery leather seats don't hold you as well as the textile, but there is nothing unique to Tesla about that.

Amps2go | 23. November 2013

I feel your pain. I have exactly the same problem and I came up with a solution. I will post it on an new thread to explain since the title of this thread not appropriate.

carlk | 23. November 2013

Yes I want it too but at the same time I know they are not able to do everything at once. I'll get what I can get for now.

For people who do not understand why some with experiences with sports seats like what offered by Porsche or BMW feel you should refrain from making those snarky comments.

Brian H | 23. November 2013

another dubious post. FF blocks access, unsafe site.

bradtesla | 23. November 2013

I sent an email to Recaro inquiring about seats. I'm coming from a BMW where the seats were more supportive and prefer that.