Springfield NJ Service Center

Springfield NJ Service Center

Just wanted to post a very pleasant experience. Took my car in for 48K service. They checked for any outstanding bulletins and went over my baby with a fine tooth comb. Took care of a couple of minor issues, did the usual service and alignment. Overall just a wonderful experience. Thanks to Adam, Andrew, Devon, Jessica, George and the Gang! Just a great group of people...Oh and it was nice to see an old friend, Marilla who was so helpful to me when at the Queens Service Center. She is now the Assistant Service Manager...Congratulations!

kanpra | 17. Januar 2016

I had a similar VERY pleasant experience with them both at my recent delivery as well as a service experience.

With the service (parking sensor dislodged and had to be put back in) they accommodated me very quickly and repaired the issue fast. I really did not want a loaner as I had no need for one and they worked with me to deliver the car back at another location where I was the same day. Awesome group!

rcheng | 17. Januar 2016

They have been great from the start of my ownership experience and I think they are the only service center in the country that offers valet service to the airport. I have used it twice, drop of your car. It will be taken care of for the duration. Another plus is they drop you and pick you up in a tesla.

Qwiksilver | 17. Januar 2016

I have to concur. The entire team is amazing there. I would add Michael to the list. Very professional and unparalleled customer service.
They may very well be the model for all Tesla SCs.
Elon, hope your listening.

Qwiksilver | 12. Februar 2017

Fast forward one year. There has been some turnover in the team, to be expected. They have moved to a new and larger sales and service center. Hosted a grand opening welcoming owners. On the downside the service staff appears to be understaffed and are difficult to reach. It's virtually impossible to call the service center and reach anyone. After several days of multiple calls, I called the sales department. One of the sales representatives walked over and delivered my message that I wanted to make an appiontment. My call was eventually returned, only to find out that the next appointment was 5 weeks later. Once you reach someone, they are accommodating.
Tesla is a great company, sells great products, but the service department is experiencing some growing pains.

stereoshopper | 12. Februar 2017

You've also accurately described the service slippage that's occurred seemingly everywhere in California. I hope they figure out how to scale better than they have.

San Diego service now has a dedicated bay for annual service. There are still reports of cars dropped off and not touched for a week at a time. And Tesla loaners are unicorns. It's usually an Enterprise ICE rental with a nearly empty gas tank. Oh the irony.

Qwiksilver | 12. Februar 2017

Perhaps I'm going about reaching them (service center staff) the wrong way. I will
try sending them an email to discuss service issues. Perhaps they are better equipped to handle customers via email.

inconel | 12. Februar 2017

And the valet service to the airport is not offered anymore but that's understandable, they could not keep up with the rapidly growing customer base.

Qwiksilver | 13. Februar 2017

Communication via email is the way to go with the team at the Springfield NJ SC. I received a thorough response to my question with a few hours. It's appears to be more convenient for all parties to communicate this way.

Qwiksilver | 13. Februar 2017

Communication via email is the way to go with the team at the Springfield NJ SC.
I received a thorough response to my question with a few hours. It's appears to be more convenient for all parties to communicate this way.

Qwiksilver | 26. Juni 2018

2013 85S 60,000miles

Just had a great service experience there. Hit a large rock at 70mph with the left front tire. It cased a buldge in the sidewall of the tire. I was told to bring it in that afternoon.
In less than an hour Chris at the Springfield service center had a new tire on AND fixed a squeaky brake pedal!
I was on my way in no time. They are always responsive, helpful and keep you informed with appropriate updates via text.
Chris and Sarah are outstanding.

raosunny | 11. September 2018

I am having a very bad service experience with Tesla service at Springfield, NJ. I had given my Tesla Model X for fixing a defective front passenger window since i bought the vehicle in 2016 and so far they have not figured out a proper fix. I have gone back and forth dropping my vehicle and picking it up only to realize the problem surfacing after couple of weeks. It is right now in the service center. I was told that my vehicle would be valet to my house once the problem is fixed. It is 2 weeks now. Calls to the service center are placed on hold for 40 minutes before we can talk to the service specialist. They mention they will get back to us or email us (Chris and Clinton). A very very disappointing experience. A lot of waste of time and energy.

NKYTA | 11. September 2018

Springfield NJ SvC gets an upvote from me.

Very professional in dealing with early teething problems on a road trip, arranged by my NorCal guy. Road trip was not delayed one bit.

Only minor bummer was having an ICE loaner Down the Shore for a couple days.
Kept leaving it on, and kept leaving the keys in it...

Qwiksilver | 24. September 2018

2013 85S 64,000miles
Just was there today. Picked up my car. Had the recall performed, and some repairs. The service team couldn’t have been better. They gave me a brand new 75D loaner, kept me updated via text messaging, and did some good-will work.
I’ve never has a bad experience at the Springfield SC.
They are busier than ever, but are doing an outstanding job.

Qwiksilver | 14. Juli 2019

2013 85S 74,000 miles

Service has changed quite a lot since I purchased my MS in 2013. It is now impossible to reach anyone via phone on the service department, however on-line scheduling is easy. Text updates have gone by the wayside, you’ll get a notification when your vehicle is ready.
Although if you drive to the SC to discuss any problems they are happy to help.
Loaners are now for vehicles in for more than 48hrs. Uber credits are given to get you home and back. This works well.
Kudos to Martha who stayed after hours to make sure I got my car last night. Thank you.