Stand in the 2nd Row

Stand in the 2nd Row

"If you are shorter than 6'3"-6'4" you will be able to stand up in the second row."

Can anyone confirm this was said at the Shareholder meeting?

ArieK | 05. Juni 2013

It probably should have said you can stand up next to the car along the second row under the cover of the falcon door. This was shown by Elon at one of the first unveilings of the Model X outside. I can't remember exactly at which time or location.

ian | 05. Juni 2013

Yes it was said by Elon himself. Have you not seen the meeting for yourself? You do know there's video don't you?

Brian H | 06. Juni 2013

With the doors open.

ArieK | 07. Juni 2013

@goneskiian You are right, that's what Elon said. I finally found time to watch the video.
What still puzzles me though is that the unofficial dimensions of the Model X state that the height of the car is 64" / 5 foot 4" which still doesn't seem like you could stand up in the middle of the car since most adults are taller than the car when they are standing on the street next to it. That was also my original reason for assuming you can stand up straight next to the car under an opened falcon door but not inside of it.

JackB | 18. Juni 2013

I'm 6'1" and had a chance to climb into the prototype after the unveiling. With the flacon doors open I was able to stand up in the second row with at least an inch of clearance. The view was pretty good up there!

Jack Bowers

Brian H | 18. Juni 2013

"flacon" almost sounds like it should be a word. Not sure what it should mean, though!

cloroxbb | 19. Juni 2013

Sounds like bacon. Mmmmmm bacon

bent | 19. Juni 2013

A flagon of bacon. Flacon.

ian | 19. Juni 2013

Is that like bacon flavored beer? Sounds like a winner to me!

TI Sailor | 20. Juni 2013

flacon is a florida conman aka florida congressman...

ian | 26. Juni 2013

Found a picture of Elon standing in the back of an X.

I don't know how to use html tags so here's the link...


Brian H | 27. Juni 2013
ian | 27. Juni 2013

Thanks BrianH! I was hoping you'd come to the rescue! ;-)

Brian H | 27. Juni 2013

<img src="URL" width="600">