Stereo upgrade after delivery

Stereo upgrade after delivery

We went for the basic audio which is fine but underpowered with sunroof open.

Has anyone tried to get tesla service to upgrade speakers after delivery?

Thanks in advance.

ssarker | 06. Mai 2013

I just crank it up! Volume at 8 or 9 on the highway with the sunroof open 80%.

olanmills | 06. Mai 2013

I'm not sure if that's possible. The upgraded sound system has more speakers.

Robert22 | 06. Mai 2013

I just spent two days with a performance 85 loaner after purchasing a production 85, I can tell you I have no regrets about sticking with the standard audio system. The same problem exists with an underpowered rear speaker system that lacks base and an adequate surround. Dolby is barely noticeable when toggled on with USB source. Yes, there's a little more wattage with the premium system, but to my ears and those of my passengers, it's not substantial enough to merit the upgrade IMO.

jchangyy | 06. Mai 2013

@robert22. which service center has the P-85 loaners? I've been holding off on getting my car in service--multiple minor issues.

thanks in advance.

mmbg | 08. Mai 2013

thx Robert22!

pvetesla | 09. Mai 2013


Thanks for the info. As I was driving into work today, with the music going, I was wondering if I had made the wrong choice going with std sound. I'm glad to hear you're happy with yours!

We don't lose anything else like Slacker radio, etc. Do we?

DouglasR | 09. Mai 2013


I believe the standard sound lacks a Sirius/XM receiver.

pvetesla | 09. Mai 2013 No biggie.

I didn't use it in my Acura anyway. Thanks

RobS | 09. Mai 2013

+Robert22 I've compared them back to back and am happy I got the standard sound. But if you're someone who likes the folks in the car next door to hear your music, then I could understand getting the upgrade.