Stolen Tesla crashed, ripped in half, first major injury and potential fatality in a Tesla

Stolen Tesla crashed, ripped in half, first major injury and potential fatality in a Tesla

vgarbutt | 10. Juli 2014

Wow, can u imagine trying to throw a 5000 pound car at a pole at 100 miles an hour to test its safety? Maybe they should take the tesla to the breaking point? Shoot it at higher speeds than they generally test at nowadays. I anticipate teslas reaction after they investigate the 2 crashes. I tjink, coul be wrong, but tesla may be the only car companies tht bothers with their own investigations. Kudos anyway for a super-safe car!

Brian H | 10. Juli 2014

After being resuscitated, he apparently changed his mind and died again. So does that count as 2 deaths?

Red Sage ca us | 11. Juli 2014

Brian H: No, but it does count as 'Dead' dead.

Grinnin'.VA | 11. Juli 2014

Today's Washington Post reports that the driver of the stolen Tesla died earlier this week.

This was bound to happen sooner or later. But it is sad.


sklancha | 30. August 2014

I very well may be the only MS owner that had no idea about this horrific accident until just this past week when it was a side comment in another article! (was out of the cyber world July 3-30, and I guess it was no longer news worthy when I returned).

Does anybody know of any updates that may have been released?
Did the rest of the injured people recover ok?
Did they finally determine whether there were one or two culprits?
Accident speed?
How it was stolen?
etc. etc.

Remember, I am just hearing this for the first time, so I am going through the first phase of the shock and concern.


J.T. | 30. August 2014

@sklancha Don't mean to point out the obvious but this is a thread all about it with 205 comments. Have you read through it?

sklancha | 30. August 2014

Thank you for pointing out the obvious, @JT... one never knows if the obvious was obvious ;). Yes- I read it like a novel, but it abruptly stops just one week after the accident, with none of my aforementioned questions yet answered.


Bighorn | 30. August 2014

The "victim's" name and hometown were published, but I never saw any story that gave all the details. I think the fob was probably stolen from the service center, though I didn't see official confirmation.

J.T. | 30. August 2014

From what I remember top speed exceeded 100 mph, only one fatality,

carlk | 30. August 2014

Right it's no longer news worthy days after when it happened. Just like any of the hundreds of fatal accident that happened everyday.

sklancha | 30. August 2014

@carlk- Your right! This should be good news to Tesla- The rest of the world SHOULDN'T be any more interested in this accident than any other fatal accident; but for Tesla owners, we should have a natural disproportionately greater interest in the rest of the details. It is a learning opportunity...

SamO | 30. August 2014

Yea. Wear your f'ing seatbelt.

Hopefully lesson learned.

sklancha | 30. August 2014

Oh, SamO.

Your right... I guess it is time for me to start wearing my seatbelt. Maybe not everyday, but next time I steal a vehicle or drive recklessly, will at least consider it ;)

I am more interested in if they determined how he stole the vehicle/ did TM ever get a hold of the vehicle so they can to their independent analysis like they like to do / did the onboard system reveal any enlightening details (speed, amount of impacts before the car came to a halt, airbag deployment, etc.)

Bighorn | 30. August 2014

There were pics from a salvage yard that was to auction the car for the insurance co posted as well. There was a recent MVA fatality locally where the cause of death was asphyxiation by seatbelt, so you never know:)

Red Sage ca us | 31. August 2014

I'm not entirely certain, as I don't remember if this was corrobotated by multiple sources or not... Apparently the thief was a disgruntled former employee who knew where the key fobs were kept at the Service Center. He broke into the SC, grabbed the keys, and took off.

I don't believe it was ever clarified as to whether the thief acted alone or not. I got the impression it was poor reporting. The press learned someone 'in the Tesla' had died, and that someone 'from the Tesla' had been hospitalized, and presumed they were two different people. Later, they reported the thief had been ejected, expired on the scene, was revived, then taken to the hospital, where he died some days later.

I remember at least one report that everyone else was recovering, but no details beyond that.