Stuck in Detroit

Stuck in Detroit

Spending the weekend working in Detroit, in fact my hotel is in the GM World Headquarters complex downtown. On the first floor is a sample of what looks to be about every model they have out right now. As I await delivery of my S next month, I walk through the place thinking that not a single vehicle in the place even interests me, and that i just walk out thinking what a bunch of backwards vehicles.

kilimats | 15. März 2013


AMR | 15. März 2013

As a new owner of a MS (delivered last week)I can understand your view point. As a life long Detroiter I need to remind you of the long history of automobile ingenuity that has come from the city of Detroit (esp. GM and Ford). They like all car companys will play catch up with Tesla for a long time, however they join Tesla in representing a made in the USA vehicle. Hopefully , the ingenuity will continue and the American Automobile (California and Michigan made) will rule the roads for many more years.

Brian H | 15. März 2013

The current executives will have to die of old age, first.

oildeathspiral | 15. März 2013

Had a similar experience while at the recent LA Auto Show. Before the show, the simplicity of the MS drivetrain seemed like the way cars should be (I love showing people the image of the MS without the body). At the car show, I looked at various engines and drivetrains that were set up to demonstrate and highlight various technologies. While arguably technological marvels, after looking at the numerous systems and components of the ice's I couldn't help but see them as Rube Goldberg contraptions. Seriously! Then I thought who would possibly want something like this if they can afford a MS? And if you do a lot of driving, why wouldn't you spend extra to save the added cost and time for gas and maintenance visits?

diegoPasadena | 16. März 2013

This is what I see, when I look at an ICE engine now: