Sunroof Wind Noise/Air Leak-- Input needed

Sunroof Wind Noise/Air Leak-- Input needed

Below 50MPH the cabin is quiet, but above 50MPH and especially above 70MPH there is a huge amount of intermittent wind noise coming from the sunroof when it is "closed". It seems pretty obvious that there is an air leak somewhere. Tesla tried to swap out the seal around the sunroof in the front aspect, which did nothing to improve it.

I've seen some posts about having Tesla Service adjust the height that the windows go up to better seal the cabin. I'm awaiting the next step from Tesla Service and wanted to see if anyone has encountered similar wind noise (unacceptably high, obvious) at higher speeds and how they had it fixed.

Any information would be appreciated.


AmpedRealtor | 30. Juli 2013

@ earlyretirement - I don't think we need to worry. I compare Tesla a lot to Apple in terms of the business philosophy and their view of customer service. I had a liquid-cooled PowerMac G5. Two years after the warranty expired (I did not have an extended AppleCare warranty), the liquid cooling system failed and fried one of the two CPUs and power supply. Cost to repair was $1,475. This particular PowerMac model was prone to coolant failures based on what I read online. This happened in 2007. I shot an email to Steve Jobs and within 24 hours received a reply from his executive response team. They apologized for the troubles and paid for the repair under warranty even though it expired two years ago.

I think if there is a problem component in the Model S that suffers from a design defect or ongoing problems, I would hope that Tesla would respond in the same manner that Apple responded to me.

2-Star | 30. Juli 2013

Wish Extended Warranty were available in Florida.

Brian H | 30. Juli 2013

"Acceptable? Your standards are obviously so low that I don't want to share them. Fix it."

LionPowered | 30. Juli 2013

@fredtowers Is there a Florida state law prohibiting extended warranties?

earlyretirement | 30. Juli 2013

@ AmpedRealtor - EXACTLY. The Apple model is a great one! And I agree. It would be GREAT if Tesla retains that chain of thought and customer service.

My last Macbook Pro with all the various configuration, Apple Care, and various things I got with it I spent almost $4,500. Yes, a LOT to spend for a computer but I never have to worry about anything. I take comfort in knowing that if ANYTHING goes wrong with it then I'm covered.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Apple philosophy. For example, a few weeks ago my Macbook Pro with Retina display had 2 dead pixels. Not really any big deal and I only noticed it while watching a movie where there was a dark screen. Still, it was annoying seeing those 2 dead pixels.

I take it to my local Apple store and of course they agree to immediately replace the entire screen. No hassles, no having to talk them into it, no arguing. Just a "absolutely you shouldn't have ANY dead pixels on a computer that you spent this for". I dropped it off and picked it up the next morning. THAT is what excellent customer service is about.

If Tesla can maintain that business model, they should be very successful and always have people willing to pay more for a car.

I just hope they can retain that corporate philosophy and respect for valuable customers.

2-Star | 30. Juli 2013


When I tried on my Dashboard to sign up for the Services and clicked the button, it responded that there were no services available for my area. I wanted to buy the Extended Warranty and multi-year Service but apparently they are considered some form of insurance, and Tesla is not yet licensed to do so in the state of Florida. Maybe someone else knows better.

LionPowered | 01. August 2013

That's pretty annoying. I can't imagine Tesla not working things out there considering they're so active in Florida.

tpham211 | 10. August 2013

I always found it oddly noisy in the cabin. Just today, I walked passed it and noticed that the sunroof wasn't flushed against the rest of the roof. It curves upward like it was too big to fit the car.

I'm bringing it in on the 20th to have them look at it. I'll keep everyone posted on the outcome.

PBEndo | 10. August 2013

@fredtowers. I am in Florida too. Ownership told me that Tesla would have to be licensed to sell insurance in Florida in order to sell the extended warranty.

I also have to report that I still have a sunroof wind noise problem. It is better than befe, but otill not right. At the point, I am thinking it may never be right

PBEndo | 10. August 2013

I hate this iPad autocorrect!

It is better than before, but still not right. At this point, I am thinking it may never be right.

ziggy | 14. August 2013

Just took my P85 in for sun roof noise for the second time. They have learned quite a bit now since my first visit with this problem.

Tesla no longer has to replace the seal, or mess with the tab, it is a matter of repositioning the seal and getting it to stay put.

My car is dead quite now thanks to the good work at the Costa Mesa Service Center.

So happy to have my car back I could kiss them all :)

Brian H | 15. August 2013

dead quiet is quite quiet. The sound must have quit when they quosed the quack! :)

kevin | 26. Dezember 2013

I've had my non-sunroof S for a week and have noticed intermittent wind noise that appears to come from behind my left ear--suggesting the driver's-side window. I've tried opening and then closing the window but the noise is intermittent anyway. Hard to tell if it is the front or rear window or door.

Otherwise, what an experience to drive an S! I didn't drive one until I picked ours up. Now I just need to find the forum where one suggests software enhancements (I'm a UX guy.)

AmpedRealtor | 27. Dezember 2013

My pano roof developed a very faint whistling noise - like a far away tea kettle. This noise would only happen at freeway speeds, and only if driving into a headwind or heavy cross winds. Service center identified that air leak was coming from the fascia panel directly in front of the pano roof opening, it's the rectangular glossy black plastic piece that sits between the front of the sun roof and the top of the windshield. Service bulletin requires the installation of brackets to pull on and apply downward force on the fascia panel, giving a better seal.

The whistling tea kettle noise is gone after most recent service.

vmish | 08. Dezember 2014

I have developed the same problem of wind leak from a Pano roof. Want to know how to fix it.