Supercharger option??

Supercharger option??

We finalized our car without the super-charger option (60kW). Can it be purchased as an option later on?

1. Does Tesla allow it? Will it?
2. Is there "specialized" circuitry that has to be added to the car to enable it?

Suggestions welcome.


Timo | 13. Februar 2013

No. Hardware required for SC can't be added later.

HzSoGood | 13. Februar 2013

Can the car be "regular" charged at a SC without the specialized h/w?


DouglasR | 13. Februar 2013

No, the car can't be "regular" charged at a SC.

I haven't visited the SC stations. Do any of the locations have other charging equipment such as NEMA 14-50 outlets or J1772 ESVEs?

sshrivas | 14. Februar 2013

From what I've learnt of supercharging option, it's special hardware that can be installed only at production time. Without this, you cannot charge at Superchargers. Note, one of the advantage of a SC is the insane speed at which the supercharger adds juice to the battery.

Even though my daily commute is less than 80 miles, I opted for a 60Kwh with SC option knowing that in coming months, it will be really easy to take long road trips utilizing network of superchargers.

paulwireless | 14. Februar 2013

I heard power options may be significantly changed at the time of battery replacement unofficially. 2nd generation twin charger, bigger inverter, larger capacity batteries all seem very likely. I'm not making promises but it seems reasonable to expect Tesla progress throughout the life of your first battery. Likewise, I was relieved by the realization that I didn't need the Performance package, or the 85kW battery that I was psyching myself into believing I needed at this point (i.e. the drivetrain is permanently sealed). In 3-4 years I might re consider a power upgrade option offered then, but for now, I'm buying the car I need.

ckanuga | 14. Februar 2013

I am hoping the day when there are 100s of SC is not too far away.
So to me it makes sense to have SC option added in the car - so that I can fill my car up at any of the SCs.

nickjhowe | 14. Februar 2013

@paulwireless - Tesla is on the record as saying the exact opposite of what you say.

There is a chance that they are saying this now for marketing rather than engineering reasons, but you are taking a big gamble if you ignore it.

paulwireless | 14. Februar 2013

I should qualify that it is my "opinion" [insert my previous post]... It would make sense to not promise the future while attempting to sell present day technology but does anyone believe Tesla would deliberately build the Model S in a way such that it would not be "forward compatible" with new battery technology?

I should mention I opted for:
60kW, supercharger, single on-board charger, 21", pano roof, tech, stereo upgrade, gloss wood, shelf under red/tan color combo.

Brian H | 14. Februar 2013

Future designers will not consider themselves constrained to the plans made now. They will use their own tech and standards.