Switch to wider rear wheels/tires?

Switch to wider rear wheels/tires?

Sorry folks if this has already been asked but I'm trying to get as much info before pulling the trigger as I can. My question is this.... Will the rear axle from a P85 allow the swapping out of the wider 21's from the Perf Plus package? I have no intention of splurging over $7k for the package but could easily see myself putting on some wider rear wheels and tires when it's time to replace my first set of tires anyway.

S4WRXTTCS | 25. Juni 2013

I plan on doing the same thing if I do indeed opt for the Performance package. I might even do something totally crazy by getting 19s and using them only for winter use. That way i can be more selective of the style rims I want for the 21s.

I know wider rears won't quite give me what the plus package does, but I think its kinda silly to want $12K to go fast, but then to take a corner (on rails like it should have been to begin with) its another $6500

Maybe I'm just obsessing about something that isn't that big of a difference, and if I got the P85 without the + I'd never notice the difference (unless I made the mistake of testing a plus).

CalabasasKid | 25. Juni 2013

Actually , I just noticed that the rear tires are only 20mm wider on the Plus pack. That's only about 3/4 of an inch. Hardly enough to warrant the expense and the loss of the ability to rotate front to back which obviously you can't do if they're different widths.