I invented an electric vehicle two years ago that I have been trying to reach Elon Musk to tell him about. It can be made in any size. I ran it by three university engineering departments and a bunch of professors and none could come up with a reason that it would not work. It is similar to the tube system but completely different at a much lower cost. It goes over ocean cheaper than over land. I am now convinced that it is the next transportation mode for our species but because I am not tied in with the network I cannot even tell anyone about it. Nobody has time to listen. Please I am working on it all alone. I am building one that I can ride. I expect to break the land speed barrier with it easily and I am going to die or go broke working on it alone if i can't get any help. I have contacted every company in America and have been rejected without anyone ever looking at the idea. For crying out loud at least look at it before you tell me it won't work. Because every professor I run it by tells me that it will work. Elon Musk if you are out there please take a look at this idea! It can be prototyped for a few grand I am not kidding! This is not a multi billion dollar project it can be prototyped and tested in a very short time with very little in the way of investment and can be brought into useful service in years not decades. I just need one single sole who cares to please take a look at it. Like all small businessmen. I need to beg quite frequently. I'm begging now. Somebody out there help me! Steal this idea! Kill it! And if you can't kill it, then it must be built for the good of humankind. I am Stephen Cowap with Bent Engineering in St Charles Missouri. 6364483205 Elon Musk I would love to talk to you about it because when I came up with the idea and realized that it would work I started jumping up and down like a little kid. I'm a model builder at heart and I think you are too. Since then it has been nothing but cold hearted rejections. Somebody make me feel good about it please. And if somebody can show me why it won't work I will go away.

Timo | 23. Oktober 2013

Tell us more. This forum is full of tech-savvy people who might be interested. "similar to the tube system, but completely different" doesn't really tell much.

Webcrawler | 23. Oktober 2013

I wish you well, but a lot of things that could work are not practical or economical...

Have you built a business case as well as the technical case?